What Career Path Do You Take Next

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Hi, Are you ready to make changes in your current career or start something completely brand new? Changing careers can be overwhelming, paralyzing even. Making a new transition is undeniably scary, disruptive, and difficult.

We all have the usual fears like finances, time, and commitment. Even if you don’t need to go back to school, a job transition and search take time and energy–it’s like having a second full-time job. But there’s fear far beyond the time and financial commitment. It’s scary to re-define your identity in the professional world, where your job title can impact who you define as your peer group, your promotion potential, your career trajectory, or your reputation.

The only way to grow is to overcome the fear of changing paths. You can acknowledge the critical yet protective internal voice in your head, but decide that you’re not going to let it control your actions! And I can help!

Sherry Pinto, FastForward Career Coach

I am the FastForward Career Coach here at LFCC Workforce Solutions. I can help walk you through our programs and talk about the time and commitment level you need. Our classes are geared to start, enhance or change your career. I can help with your resume, interviewing skills, and plan a career path with you.

Please feel free to contact me, I look forward to working with you!

Sherry Pinto
FastForward Career Coach
[email protected]