Spring clean your job search!

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Spring is FINALLY here (pay no attention to the snow that is currently falling today)! And where there is spring, there are fresh starts, cleaning, re-organizing and re-focusing!  This winter was tough and long.  If you feel like you had a case of the Winter Blues and it affected your job search, then pay attention to these tips.  Hopefully you will find yourself ready for a new season and a new job!Spring Clean Your Job Search

REFOCUS – Reassess what you are looking for.  Start a tracking sheet of the companies and jobs you are applying to and make sure you are keeping notes on the feedback you are getting.

RECONNECT – Make sure you are joining network groups that could help you with your job search, and be sure those around you know you are still looking for work. If you are looking for a medical office position, make sure your doctor’s office knows you are looking and are qualified.  Talking with people and making new connections is a GREAT way to find employment.  

REORGANIZE – Make sure your resume is re-organized and ready.  If you are out of work, hopefully you have been doing something (i.e. volunteering.)  Make sure that volunteering experience is on your resume. Remember that every time you apply for a position you need to tailor your resume specifically to the job. You want your resume to look like you are a great fit!

GET REAL – Being unemployed is tough. If you have been applying and applying and you are not getting any calls…then maybe you need help with your resume.  If you are interviewing and interviewing and not getting the job…then maybe you need help with your interviewing skills. You might want to change your focus and get a job doing something-in order to generate a paycheck and make connections.  You might not find that dream administrative job, but if you get a retail job at the mall, maybe you will meet someone who is looking for one. Just remember…The best time to find a job is when you have one!

If you are looking to ‘Spring Clean’ your resume, sharpen your interview skills, or are interested in obtaining a national certification to make you more marketable, contact a Career Coach @ LFCC Workforce Solutions and schedule your appointment!