Small Business Leadership Boot Camp


This fall take your small business management to the next level with our Small Business Leadership Boot Camp with LFCC Workforce Solutions. With three key areas, owners and operators of small businesses can learn insights to increase leadership abilities to better their return on investment. Whether you are looking to increase your leadership skills to grow your business, looking to delegate with a small staff, or strategically plan where your small business will grow, the Small Business Leadership Boot Camp is for you.

Leadership for Small Business Owners
As the small business owner, you are in a managerial role, but do your employees consider you a leader? The main difference between managers and true leaders is that true leaders inspire, and motivate others for continuous improvement. You are great with your patients, customers and clients, but what about your employees? They can and will help you obtain your business goals with the right leadership tools in place.
Sep 25                   Thu 8 AM – 10 AM            FAUQ    $49         Learn More/Register

Delegating with 3 or Less Employees
When you own or manage a small business, delegation is one of the most valuable professional skills you can master, and when done well, it can be instrumental to the survival of your business. This workshop is an interactive skills training that will help you to better understand the purpose of delegation, prepare for and apply the steps to delegating effectively, and learn to recover from inevitable mistakes or disappointments. Don’t wait – increase company productivity, foster employee confidence at all levels, and develop a team-driven culture today!
Oct 14                   Tue 8 AM – 11 AM            FAUQ    $49         Learn More/Register

Strategic Planning for Small Business Owners
There is probably nothing in business more valuable than good strategic planning. Unfortunately, there is nothing that wastes more time than bad strategic planning. Organizations too often spend a lot of time working on an annual planning process only to have the plans quickly fade away until the following year’s process begins.
Nov 13                  Thu 8 AM – 12 PM            FAUQ    $69         Learn More/Register