Online DDI Leadership Certificate

LFCC Workforce Solutions NEW 100% online leadership certificate program equips you with the tools to lead more effectively on a team, project or even at the organization-wide level. This online professional development series gives you the knowledge and skills to: ƒDDI150x69

  • Assess needs and motivation of individuals at all organizational levels
  • Enhance skill in giving and receiving feedback
  • Sharpen your decision-making ability, coach effectively and resolve conflict

Who Should Register?

This dynamic leadership program benefits professionals at all levels – from team leaders focused on a specific project, to managers of work groups and departments, to executives who determine an organization’s strategic direction and culture. The Leadership program is open to anyone interested in gaining and improving their leadership tools and skills.

Classes start the 15th of each month. Students have one month to complete the class. Must take all four classes for certificate.

Essentials of Leadership

This 2-hour online asynchronous course will help you to develop skills to increase your team’s motivation and morale. Learn proven interpersonal skills to inspire others to act. Enhance your ability to assign tasks, develop goals, and evaluate performance. Discover keys to meeting today’s leadership challenges and take your career to the next level.
February 15, 2015    $99

Building Trust Online

Take this online course to understand how trust plays a key role in employee engagement and loyalty, and yet it’s easy for leaders to inadvertently fall into trust traps. In this course, leaders learn
how to avoid the trust traps and take action to create an environment in which people take risks, identify and solve problems, and work together to create and sustain high levels of trust.
March 15, 2015         $99

Resolving Conflict Online

This online course teaches leaders how to recognize that a conflict is escalating and minimize damage by using the most appropriate resolution tactic – regardless of which stage a conflict is in. Leaders also learn the true cost of conflict to an organization, and techniques for handling even the most challenging conflict-related discussions effectively.
April 15, 2015            $99

Delegating With Purpose

Managing the day-to-day flow of work is challenging for even experienced leaders. Effectively delegating work is important not only to get all of it done, but also to develop and motivate people. In this online course, leaders learn skills for successfully matching people, responsibility, and authority to maximize involvement, productivity, motivation, and growth for individuals, groups, and the organization.
June 15, 2015             $99