New Construction Project Management Series at LFCC

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Construction Project Management Series Construction


New Trades Classes in Fauquier
With the aid of local assessments and partnerships, LFCC Workforce Solutions is now offering Apprenticeship Courses in Electrical and HVAC and Construction Project Management Courses in the Warrenton, VA area.

Learn more about our new Construction Project Management Series.

Cost Control/Estimating in Construction 

This class emphasizes the importance of accurate estimating and summarizes the estimating process and the steps in developing an estimate. This class will also define the purpose of a cost control methodology, explains how to perform simple cost analysis, and covers the project manager’s role in controlling cost and tracking rework cost.

Construction Scheduling

This class provides instruction in the basics of scheduling from simple to-do lists through bar charts, network diagrams and methods of managing resources. This class will also discuss the importance of formal schedules, job planning, establishing priorities, and also describe alternative scheduling methods. Students will be creating a mock schedule using computer software. Basic computer skills a must.

Scholarships Available for Trades Programs in Warrenton 

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