Money Saved with Small Engine Repair

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Money Saved with Small Engine Repair ClassesSmall Engine Repair - Save Money

This spring we will a great do-it-yourself classes in small engine repair. It has been the perfect program for those wishing to learn hands-on engine repair and a few ways to save money. Students have been working on the provided engines in class and individual training projects including engines brought from outside of class. By learning to make repairs on their own, one student’s example produced $400 in potential savings for them. With just a few dollars in parts and doing the repairs on their own, they were able to avoid sending their leaf blower to a repair shop. Imagine how much money you can save by doing repairs yourself to you snow blower, lawn mower, generator and more. The possibilities are endless.

See our photos from the current Introduction to Small Engine Repair class.

Our Small Engine Repair classes are great‪ ‎DIY programs for those looking to fix that old tractor, generator, lawnmower or any small engine and save money. Learn more about our Small Engine Repair classes taking place, such as Two/Four Stroke Engines and Powered Equipment Electrical.


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4 thoughts on “Money Saved with Small Engine Repair”

  1. When is your next small engine repair class? I’d like to know dates, times, cost and location(s). Prefer location near Warrenton or Culpeper Virginia.

    Thank You
    Roy Ludvigsen

    1. Roy,

      We are looking to expand our trades classes in the Fauquier market, but at this time we only have a few classes schedule in Middletown related to Power Mechanics / Small Engine Repair. See those here. Cost and price are dependent on the class. We do have Two / Four Stroke Engine, Mobile Generators and more coming up. Give us a call if you have any questions, would like to register or anything else that you are looking for. 540-868-7021

    1. Hi Juan,
      At this time we are not offering an auto mechanic course or program but we are taking interest. If there is enough interest and demand we’ll create something in our future programs. If you would like we can add you to our interest sheet. Thank you!

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