Microsoft Excel Certificate Series

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Any professional working in any field can benefit from a more robust understanding of Excel’s formulas and features. If you are starting your career or seeking career advancement, our Microsoft Excel certificate series can help you master the features you need to embrace new or existing work opportunities.

From office administration and people management to completing payroll and calculating revenue, Microsoft Excel is the standard for professionals in need of a powerful data program. In fact, it is estimated 750 million people worldwide use Microsoft Excel.

Why is it important to use Excel in business?

In business, most functions in any industry can benefit from those with strong Excel knowledge. Excel is a powerful tool that has become entrenched in business processes worldwide—whether for analyzing stocks or issuers, budgeting, or organizing client sales lists. Using Excel in business has many uses across many different applications:

    • Organize data in an easy-to-navigate way
    • Do basic and complex mathematical functions so you don’t have to
    • Turn piles of data into helpful graphics and charts
    • Analyze data and make forecasting predictions
    • Project charts and calendars for project management
    • Creating budgets and keeping track of expenses

Do you know these basic and advanced functions of Excel?

If not, then this course is for you. Microsoft Excel is used in almost every business environment where numbers and data are collated. In short: any professional will benefit from understanding Excel more in-depth.

SUM SUM allows you to find the sum of columns or rows.   =SUM(D1:D12)

COUNT counts the number of cells in an array that have a number value in them.

AVERAGE AVERAGE takes the average of the numbers you input.   =AVERAGE (F1:F26)
INDEX + MATCH INDEX MATCH is an advanced alternative to VLOOKUP or HLOOKUP formulas.   =INDEX(D2:F8,MATCH(B13,D3:D9,0),MATCH(C14,D3:F3,0))  
CONCATENATE CONCATENATE combines data into one cell.   =CONCATENATE(C1,” “,D2)
AND AND is a logical function that checks if data is true or false.   =AND(B1=”GOOD”, C3>10)
PROPER PROPER will take incorrect capitalization within cells and output it with proper formatting.   =PROPER(A2)
CHOOSE CHOOSE allows you to pick among a number of options and return the selected choice.   =CHOOSE(choice, option1, option2, option3)

What classes are included in the certificate series?

Microsoft Excel Essentials (Level 1)

THINK LIKE EXCEL! Formulas and functions are the name of the game, and this course will give you the tools to create powerful formulas and understand why an Excel spreadsheet without formulas has no heart! In this course, you will learn: (1) Introduction to worksheets: Formatting sheets and cells, numbers, dates, basic calculations, (2) Rearranging data: Working with rows, cells, and columns, (3) Managing multiple worksheets, formulas, and cell references, (4) Data visualization with charts and & images: Using tools for formatting and editing, and (5) Organizing large amounts of data: Sorting, freeze panes and window split.

March 22 – March 24
Tue, Thu 9 AM – 3 PM Middletown Campus

April 5 – April 7
Tue, Thu 9 AM – 3 PM Fauquier Campus

Microsft Excel Advanced (Level 2)

DIVE DEEP INTO EXCEL! Begin automating spreadsheets and learn how to create linking formulas that automatically connect data over many different worksheets, allowing for easy one-time data entry. Grow your portfolio by adding a group of the most powerful formulas frequently used in Excel and then splash your spreadsheet with useful graphics and templates to highlight and connect key informational points. In this course, you will learn: (1) Advanced formatting: Themes, cell styles, customizing page setup, (2) Date and time functions, conditional formatting, (3) Advanced functions for text and analysis: If criteria, troubleshooting formulas, and (4) Introducing lookup functions and the outline features. Proficiency using Microsoft Excel is required.

April 12 – April 14
Tue, Thu 9 AM – 3 PM Middletown Campus

Microsoft Excel Expert (Level 3)

BECOME AN EXCEL GURU! Many users are aware of the basics. After this class you will have a distinct competitive advantage as the Excel go-to-person performing sophisticated data analyses. Show others how to stop wasting time on repetitive tasks, be the protector of spreadsheet data from errors and unwanted manipulation, and quickly share your work with others by converting workbooks to different file formats. In this course, you will learn: (1) Working with tables: Calculated columns, structured references, table features, (2) Financial functions and what-if analysis: PMT, PV and NPER Functions, (3) PivotTables and Pivot Charts, (4) Work with Macros and (5) Workbook protection and inspecting workbooks for compatibility.

May 10 – May 12
Tue, Thu 9 AM – 3 PM Middletown Campus

Classes may be taken separately or as a series. Each class individually is $235 per class. By bundling as a series, there is a savings of $30.