LFCC Workforce Solutions Talks Boot Camps, Transitions, and Fresh Starts on the Valley Today Radio Show

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We pre-recorded the Valley Today radio show via Zoom with Guy Curtis from LFCC Workforce Solutions and his guest Christine Kriz from Lord Fairfax Small Business Development Center.

We talked about the partnership between the two organizations and how the services they both provide complement each other for businesses looking for resources for growth, learning opportunities for themselves and employees, as well as advice and guidance for closing a business and seeking a fresh start.

Listen Here


Guy told us about their Boot Camps, FastForward programs, and the wide range of options for attending classes both online and in-person. For more information about their programs, visit their website: https://lfccworkforce.com/

To reach out to Christine at the Lord Fairfax Small Business Development Center, visit their website: https://lfsbdc.org/

If you’d like to WATCH our conversation (which includes pre and post-show conversation) it’s on the Valley Today playlist on our YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/WM0ZScu7eiY