Leadercast Lunch and Learn

Thank you for your interest in the Leadercast 2015 Lunch and Learn Program. Below you will find the download link to the program provided by Leadercast. 

Lunch & Learn Discussion Guide

The Lunch and Learn materials supplied by Leadercast provides a guide to help you and your team explore the various subjects of Brave Leadership and grow as an organization. Please feel free to contact Larry Baker, [email protected] or 540-868-7283,  if you prefer a LFCC Workforce Solutions instructor to facilitate this unique opportunity for your organization.

Thank you again for interest and feel free to email or call with any questions.


LFCC Workforce Solutions

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With our open enrollment courses discover in a number of courses that offer the required skills every leader must have:

  • Mesh people with diverse attitudes, backgrounds and styles into solid teams.
  • Feel better about your role as a leader and gain new feelings of confidence.
  • Overcome the discomfort of becoming the boss of a former peer. 
  • Delegate the right way for total effectiveness.

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