It’s Time to Rethink Professional Development

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Managers and human resources departments across the nation are swamped as organizations and businesses are beginning to reopen in phases as we enter our new norm. Even though we are still very much in a crisis, we (slowly, but surely) must begin to move forward.

As this happens, this is a great time for leaders to evaluate themselves and their teams to see where they are succeeding and where they are struggling. Leadership by itself is a huge undertaking and the current pandemic seemed to come in and significantly test the limits of the capabilities of leaders. As a result, various organizations, businesses, schools, and government offices began to offer resources such as webinars, open forums, hotlines, and websites to help provide leaders guidance and support because there were more questions than answers at the time. Now that the urgency to “act now” has eased and we are beginning to phase out of new crisis mode, our planning and actions need to be shifted to look towards the future. This can be an optimal opportunity for organizations to explore professional development as a lot of employer-focused instruction has been updated to talk specifically to crisis management and continuing operations. We’ve had to rethink how we approach corporate training and professional development and maybe you should, too.

Corporate training and professional development exist to provide leaders the tools needed for them to succeed in any situation. We didn’t foresee including a pandemic in any situation but as it happens, the planning for this type of event is currently being incorporated in corporate training and professional development so that leaders may access this information moving forward. Preparedness is a great way for organizations to thrive; it is therefore of the utmost importance that current and upcoming leaders refresh and refine current skills, learn new and recently researched ones, and integrate relevant, pivotal concepts in their leadership styles so that these leaders will be ready for whatever they may face.

It is often hard for organizations to do this themselves. It costs significant time and effort to design courses, create workshops, and successfully teach theories and the thought process behind them, especially if professional development isn’t a service that the organization provides. At LFCC Workforce Solutions, we specialize in corporate training solutions, professional development, and continuing education–customizable for your needs—online and in-person. We are also your local community college. Our instructors are experienced educators and business leaders that have effectively developed researched-based concepts and curriculums that can help enhance your workplace. With courses centered on leadership, unique events such as Administrative Professionals’ Day and Leadercast, and employer and leadership-focused programs like Leadership Institute and Leadership Excellence (which takes place in September and is a cohort of seasoned leaders whose concepts are taught by Jay Foreman), LFCC Workforce Solutions is well-equipped to take on your corporate training and professional development needs. We will partner with you to arm leaders within your organization with skills that prepare for societal reopening, strengthen how day-to-day operations continue in this new norm, and help to create game plans for future and unprecedented crises.

If you want to learn more about how we can serve your organization or talk further about our programs, please visit our website, chat with us on LiveChat (at the bottom of your screen), email, connect with us on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram), or call 540-868-7021. Let’s focus on rethinking about the future together.