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With today’s electronic job board filled world, one might say that the Help Wanted section in newspapers is becoming a thing of the past. Help Wanted Suppot LFCC Workforce SolutionsWe are lucky here in the Winchester-Shenandoah Valley area because our local papers are filled with job postings that are screaming for qualified candidates. If you are looking at today’s Winchester Star and are lacking the skills and qualifications to apply for a specific job, then Lord Fairfax Community College Workforce Solutions may have the Career Changer program or classes for you. Let’s go through the paper and see how LFCC Workforce Solutions can get you the career you are seeking.

New World Pasta is looking for an Industrial Mechanic & Electrician paying $22.25/hr. Are you lacking the skills and education in manufacturing, yet have wanted to begin a successful career in one of the fastest growing industries? Our Multi-Craft Technician Career Changer boot camp could be just what you need. In 12 intensive weeks you will gain the education and skills needed to successfully compete for Industrial Technicians jobs. Click here for a more in depth curriculum of what you will learn!

Medical careers and opportunities are on the rise. Today’s paper has several openings for Medical Assistant positions. Are you interested in hands on patient care? Have you been thinking about a career change into the medical world, or did you once work in the field but took a few years off? Our Clinical Medical Assistant boot camp is one of our most successful programs that we offer at LFCC Workforce Solutions. With 140 hours of classroom instruction and 160 hours of a required externship, many of our graduates have been able to complete our program and begin a career working in a doctor’s office starting out earning $11-14/hr.

Are you wanting to begin a career in the medical field but do not want the needles, blood and sutures? Our Medical Office Administrative Professional Career Changer boot camp can give you the skills you need to compete for Medical Administrative positions. In today’s paper there are several job openings with Valley Health looking for Front Office Medical Administrative Assistants. If you have an interest in scheduling appointments, maintaining medical records and offering patient and vendor customer service, then our 10-week fast-track program could be a perfect fit!

Today’s paper is also filled with Dental Assistant openings, Bookkeeping positions that require QuickBooks , Administrative and Welding opportunities. Make sure you are taking the time to grab the paper and begin your search! If you want one-on-one coaching to help decide what your next career move should be, contact our Career Coaches to set up an appointment today. Make sure to check our blog for weekly updates on job opportunities in our area!

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