HEETF Student Success Story

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David Portmess first came to LFCC Workforce Solutions looking to better himself for his family. He was underemployed and had no hope of working to his full potential.  He knew his opportunities for advancement would be limited if he did not take the initiative to further his education.  David heard about the TAA Adult Career Coach and Job Placement Coach at LFCC, and decided to see if they might have some ideas on how he could get ahead.

LFCC HEETF Success Story
David Portmess was one of three selected from his employer to go through the Multi-Craft Technician program. David is seen here with LFCC Workforce Solutions Career Coaches, Catherine Kelley (left) and Estelle Sanzenbacher (right).

After meeting with the coaches, David enrolled in a few of the technical trades courses thanks to the assistance of the Onramp program.  After successful completion of the initial classes, David received attention from his existing employer to be eligible for advancement in the industrial technician area of his company’s operation.   He was selected by his employer to take the new Multi-Craft program.  He began class this September, and with this additional training, it will increase his pay and move him one step closer for advancement in a new career field.  The new Multi-Craft program was recently established at LFCC thanks to the Higher Education Equipment Trust Fund (HEETF), which allowed for the purchase of hands-on industry equipment and simulators to advance the skills of a technical workforce.

David has expressed how grateful he is to LFCC’s Workforce Unit for all the assistance that he received along the way.  He is a great example of an individual who has a great work ethic, who continuously wants to learn, and who will stop at nothing to do achieve his goals.

“I just want to say that what Workforce Solutions has done for me and my family is very much a blessing and will better our lives. You have given me HOPE. Thank you and God Bless.” ~David Portmess ‘Open your Mind and Learn Something.’