Heavy Equipment Operator Fast-Track Career Training Program

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Start or Enhance Your Career in Heavy Construction

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Become a heavy equipment operator and earn an NCCER industry-recognized credential! The Heavy Equipment Operator program has been developed to meet the growing employment demands for equipment operators. Start or enhance your career in the high-demand field of heavy construction.

Training Benefits

  • 2 month nationally recognized credential
  • Evening and weekend training available
  • Short fast-track training to quickly gain skills
  • Guarantee to interview with hiring companies
  • Safe hands-on simulator learning with on the job experiences
  • Experience a variety of on-the-job circumstances and equipment
  • Experienced instructors
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Training program endorsed by the Heavy Construction Contractors Association
Training Program Endorsed by the Heavy Construction Contractors Association
Vortex Simulator for Heavy Equipment Training
Students get hands-on training with the Vortex Simulator, which replicates real-life operating scenarios through rotation-motion platforms and high-resolution 3D displays. Click here to watch a short video this simulator training.


Employment Outlook

View local salary and job market information here >>>

Guarantee to Interview

Upon successful completion of the Heavy Equipment Operator Training Program, individuals not currently employed in this field will be guaranteed an interview with HR personnel from several local construction companies.*

Companies Include:

  • Total Development Solutions, LLC
  • The Anderson Company, LLC
  • S.W. Rodgers Company, Inc.
  • Superior Paving Corp.
  • Shirley Contracting Company, LLC
  • The Kauffman Group, Inc.
  • William A. Hazel, Inc.
  • Perry Engineering Company, Inc.
  • Branch Civil, Inc.
  • Wagman Heavy Civil, Inc.
  • Atlantic Contracting & Material Company, Inc.
  • Finley Asphalt and Concrete, Inc.
  • Phillips Construction, LLC

*Guaranteed interviews are based on those companies actively recruiting new hires.

Our “guarantee to interview” opportunities with premier local employers are not only a great foot-in-the-door for successful students, but most of these employers also offer additional training for students/employees once they are onboard at their organization.

Student and Employer Success

There’s nothing like a hard day’s work, and for Jason and Colin, that work involves heavy machinery to help build Virginia’s infrastructure. Jason and Colin are Heavy Equipment Operator FastForward graduates, and they’re currently working as heavy equipment operators for S.W. Rodgers in Northern Virginia.

FastForward attracts people to enroll in workforce training programs aimed at earning industry-recognized certifications and licenses for a wide variety of in-demand careers. Check out the interview with the folks at S.W. Rodgers about their experience hiring FastForward graduates.

Heavy Equipment Operator Level 1
Fast-Track Career Training Program

This class serves as the first level of training in the Heavy Equipment Operator program. Students will learn the following content: orientation to the trade, heavy equipment safety, identification of heavy equipment, basic operational techniques, utility tractors, introduction to earthmoving, grades, and interpreting civil drawings.

Heavy Equipment Operator Level 2
Fast-Track Career Training Program

This class serves as the second level of training in the Heavy Equipment Operator program. Students will learn the following content: Introduction to the heavy highway trade, trucks, heavy equipment, cranes, and forklifts, below grade construction, earth moving, plant operations, paving, structures, and site work.

HCCA Heavy Equipment Operator Scholarship Application

The Heavy Construction Contractors Association (HCCA) is pleased to offer this scholarship to assist aspiring Heavy Equipment Operators to obtain the necessary training and accreditation to obtain entry-level employment in the Heavy Equipment Operator profession.

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