FastForward (also referred to as the Workforce Credential Grant) Financial Assistance (FANTIC) underwrites the cost of select pre-approved high-demand training programs by covering two-thirds of the cost of the tuition with the expectation that the applicant will (a) successfully complete the program and (b) seek the related workforce credential. The applicant is financially responsible for the first third. If the applicant is financially unable to pay the first third as determined by a predefined set of criteria, they may qualify for Workforce Financial Assistance (FANTIC).

What is FANTIC?

FastForward FANTIC (Financial Assistance) provides funding for students demonstrating financial need who desire to enroll in an approved workforce training program leading to the attainment of an industry-recognized credential or licensure and are not eligible for other funding grants or financial assistance. This financial aid will pay for 90% of the student’s portion (1/3) for the program. The qualified student will be responsible for 10% of student portion at the time of registration.

What are the qualifications?

To participate in the program, the applicant shall: (eligibility documents listed with each)

  1. Be a US citizen or eligible noncitizen;
  • For verification, bring a photo ID such as a driver’s license or a state issued ID card.
  1. Be eighteen years of age if applicant has completed secondary school or nineteen years old otherwise;
  • VERIFICATION: Bring one of the following: Driver’s License; State Issued Birth Certificate; State Issued ID, or Passport.
  1. Meet the Virginia Domicile requirement by providing two domicile verifications;
  • PRIMARY VERIFICATION: Complete the VCCS Domicile Determination Form and meet the qualification to be domiciled in Virginia. The form is attached to the application. Complete the form and submit with the application. If the applicant does not meet the domicile requirement but has extenuating circumstances, they may appeal to the LFCC College Domicile Expert.
  • SECONDARY VERIFICATION: Copy of Pre-Printed Documentation showing applicant address (Examples: Utility Bill, Bank Statement, Voter Registration Card, Preprinted Rent Receipt, Housing Contract, etc.)
  1. Be in compliance with federal Selective Service registration requirements;
  2. Not be enrolled in an associate or bachelor’s degree program, unless the Workforce program provides training related to the degree program and is necessary to meet a job requirement or advance employment success;
  3. Enroll in a preapproved LFCC/WSCE FastForward credential program;
  4. Be ineligible* for other forms of tuition funding including employer assistance plans or other tuition assistance programs such as WIOA, SNAPET, TANF, DRS, or any other state or federal programs; and,

* May be asked to provide documentation of denial for other assistance programs.

  1. Demonstrate financial need based on household income by EITHER:
    1. Providing proof that either the student or dependent student’s parent(s) is currently eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program (SNAP) and/or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF); or For verification, bring in either a current AND active SNAP or TANF card
    2. Demonstrating that the student or the dependent student’s parent(s) has a household adjusted gross income that is either less than 200% or 300% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines depending on the student’s physical home address. This qualification will be determined by the Workforce Solutions staff based on a Tax Transcript* provided by applicant.
    • For verification, you must bring in your IRS Tax Transcript
      • Applicant must apply to the IRS to get a Tax Return Transcript that must accompany the application if they are solely using income to determine their financial eligibility. This process can take up to 10 business days so plan accordingly. Go to IRS website:
      • If the transcript mailing time will delay the registration/application process past the starting date of the class, we can temporarily accept a copy of your most recent tax return to begin the process so long as we receive the Tax Transcript (that will verify the tax transcript requested) no more than three business days after the class start date, otherwise you will be withdrawn from the class.

Maximum Income Guidelines

(WSCE Staff will also review to see if other funding qualifies first)


How Do I Apply?

Please complete the WCG Workforce Financial Assistance Application/Checklist, and bring in the required documentation as outlined above and, on the application, including the WCG Self-Pay Agreement. You can stop by Middletown or Fauquier Office during business hours to pick up, download the application, and/or submit your application and paperwork. FANTIC requires in-person registration.

As part of the application process, you will also sign a FastForward Memorandum of Understanding that outlines the expectations of and cost to the recipient and becomes a part of the application packet acknowledging your obligations and responsibilities for obtaining these funds.

Applications will be reviewed by the Workforce Solutions staff to determine qualification. You may be required to apply for other funding sources based on your application responses/documentation prior to being evaluated to receive the Workforce Financial Assistance. If approved, funds are not locked in until you register and pay your registration fee.

Download the Application Here

Contact Information and Questions

Middletown Campus
Sherry Pinto
[email protected] | (540) 869-0754

Fauquier Campus
Patricia Leister
[email protected] | (540) 351-1524

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