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Possible Funding Assistance Funding

Grant funding, financial assistance (WCG) or private funding may be available to eligible candidates towards career training programs at LFCC Workforce Solutions. Find below a few opportunities to start your funding search.

Have you lost your job and received or QUALIFIED for unemployment?

Individuals who have lost their job due to no fault of their own and are collecting or eligible for UNEMPLOYMENT within the past 20 months may be eligible for grant funding. See what Grant Funding can do and who qualifies. Grant Funding – Click Here >>>

Not eligible for grant funding and still currently unemployed or underemployed looking for a new career?

We still have a few funding options you may be eligible for. See other funding options below and contact our Career Coach for additional assistance on funding options and career programs.

Additional Funding Options

Give us a call, today, for more information about our funding assistance options.

For More Information on Funding Options Call Our Office at 540-868-7021.