Front-line Supervisor Lunch & Learn Series

Gain key leadership insights with experienced front-line supervisors with our Front-Line Supervisor Lunch & Learn Series

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According to a study of 300 HR Managers by Development Dimensions International (DDI), and the Institute for Human Resources, weak leadership can be costly for your organization ( Key points in the study:

  • 69% say it caused lower rates of engagement;
  • 56% say “the lack of interpersonal skills as the number one reason for leadership failure;”
  • 65% say it caused loss of productivity; and
  • 59% say it resulted in higher turnover “of themselves or team members.”

When you have weak leaders on your front lines your business or organization can suffer. The possibility of higher failure rates and lack of motivation among employees builds with insufficient leadership skills. With our Front-line Supervisor Lunch and Learn Series gain key leadership insights with experienced supervisors who know how to face the difficult challenges of a front-line supervisor.

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Frontline Leadership 101
Great leaders aren’t just born that way – they must learn how to lead and influence others through experience, mentoring, and training. By addressing everything from trust to perception to attitude, Leadership 101 is a training program that gives both newly emerging and experienced leaders the tools and techniques for developing and refining their skills.
Sep 12    Fri 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM                     Middletown Campus                      $69         Learn More/Register

Resolving Conflict on the Frontlines
Recent studies reveal that employees exhaust almost three hours each week dealing with workplace conflict. At an annual cost of $359 billion in paid hours, organizations can’t afford these losses. But with the proper training, people can learn how to handle conflict maturely and collaboratively – and maybe prevent it altogether. Resolving Conflict introduces Frontline Supervisors to the different types of conflict, shows leaders how to communicate clearly and tactfully, explores appropriate resolution strategies, and establishes a common-sense approach for preventing unnecessary conflict.
Sep 26 Fri 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM                     Middletown Campus                      $69         Learn More/Register

Assertiveness Skills
Assertiveness skills are crucial to professional development, as well as other aspects of life. Asking for what you need, handling, confrontations gracefully, and putting ideas forward with confidence are fundamental skills that can help you gain the confidence you need to be assertive. Not only do these skills improve teamwork, focus discussions, and build relationships, but they also help individuals to become competent, constructive, confident, and perform at their best. Assertiveness Skills provides the skill development, practice, and understanding individuals need to learn how to be truly assertive.
Oct 10    Fri 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM                     Middletown Campus                      $69         Learn More/Register

Managing Offsite Employees
Managing offsite employees takes more than smartphones, WiFi, web cams, and expense allowances. It requires the right employees in the right jobs with the right skills and the right resources. It also requires managers with the know-how to communicate effectively, maintain a sense of community, cultivate teamwork, and develop relationships built on trust.
Oct 30    Thu 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM                   Middletown Campus                      $69         Learn More/Register

Toughest Supervisor Challenges
When dealing with issues such as employee performance, personality clashes, and conflict, the truth is that there are no quick fixes. Successful supervisors know it takes time to do what’s best for the long-term success of the organization, its employees, and even themselves. They also know that they can overcome just about any challenge by exercising the “three keys”: realism, restraint, and resolve. The Toughest Supervisor Challenges gives both new and experienced managers the supervisory skills, tools, and techniques they need to evaluate the situation at hand and choose the appropriate response.
Nov 7     Fri 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM                      Middletown Campus                      $69         Learn More/Register

Leading Others Through Change
Change is here to stay. That’s probably no secret to you. For years we’ve all heard that the “only constant is change.” Change is present in every aspect of your life and has become the norm in all organizations. The frequency and pace at which leaders must ask employees to change course or adapt to new systems and initiatives continues to accelerate. This workshop is designed to help frontline supervisors plan for, and identify techniques for ensuring, the success of future change – making it a part of organizational culture, going forward, by utilizing effective techniques for gaining commitment to change.
Nov 21      Fri 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM                    Middletown Campus                      $69         Learn More/Register

Navigating Difficult Conversations
Difficult conversations are inevitable in any workplace. Those conversations can create unhappiness, stress, and tension. They can also impair and even destroy relationships. When handled poorly, they are likely to result in serious problems that interfere with productivity and leave everyone involved feeling frustrated and dissatisfied. As a Frontline Supervisor, you can’t avoid these kinds of conversations, but you can learn how to handle them more effectively. Developing the ability to handle these challenges will pay off in terms of reduced stress, increased confidence, improved relationships, increased trust, fewer problems, better teamwork, higher productivity, and better career opportunities.
Dec 5     Fri 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM                       Middletown Campus                      $69         Learn More/Register