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Using Cell Phones in the Classroom

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Class, turn your cell phones – – on! Most of your students have cell phones, and now you can use this valuable tool in your classroom to engage and involve your students more in their learning. Discover how to implement cell phones in your classroom from a teacher who has done it successfully. Come away with a step-by-step how-to plan on enhancing your students’ learning, and your teaching.


Unit One
Trends: Cell Phones in the 21st Century – The Research
-Texting a central means for communication
-Demographics of the Texting Generation
-Cell Phones: What they are capable of and how they are used?

Unit Two
Benefits of a mobile classroom
-Current issues and concerns
-Paradigm shift: Importance of transitioning from a social to educational and professional use.
-Discover the power of cell phone technology in the 21st century.

Unit Three
Implementing Social Media in the classroom
-What is Edmodo?
-Making your classroom a community: by connecting with students, parents, and other professionals.
-Edmodo Mobile Apps: store and access course work on a virtual library, vote on polls, post assignments, notes, quizzes, grade student work and post grades in a virtual grade book.

Unit Four
Resources for Integrating cell phones in the 21st century classroom.
-Cell Phones: Lesson Plan Integrations for all disciplines.
-Classroom projects and Research Tools: Web 2.0, Audio and Video resources.
-There is an App for that! Evernote, Dropbox, Google Voice, poll everywhere, Remind101, Wiffiti and other free resources.

Internet connection ,IE8 or higher, Chrome, FireFox and access to Adobe Flash Player


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