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Senior Certified Sustainability Professional

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Short Description: Our certified sustainability professional training equips students with the knowledge and skills they need to pursue a career in the rapidly growing field of sustainability. Energy availability is a global concern. Sustainability ensures ample supplies of energy to meet our needs today and in the future. Sustainability is a complex subject, involving science, technology, economics, politics, the environment, national security, and many other factors.

Certified sustainability professional training exposes you to the financially, environmentally, and socially responsible objectives and tactics used by sustainability professionals to achieve measurable results. You’ll also learn methods for implementing “green” technologies and practices.

Sustainability Professional Certification Overview
Over the course of your training you will come to understand why businesses need to be more environmentally responsible and how doing so can help them be more successful over the long run. International standards, including ISO 26000, are given detailed attention. The course also covers ISO 9000 and ISO 14000. You’ll also be exposed to traditional methods including Six Sigma, lean, and operations research to improve processes, reduce waste, and make better social and environmental decisions that are based on key financial, social, and environmental performance indicators.
Upon completion of this course, you’ll have the knowledge needed to form informed opinions on the future of energy and its economic, health and environmental impact.

Upon successful completion of your sustainability professional training, you will be able to:
• Comprehend the core elements of energy production
• Identify various sources of energy and the features of each
• Identify methods of energy production for electricity and travel
• Comprehend the elements of smart energy consumption
• Identify key components of environmental management and leadership

Instructor Description: Though this program is a self-paced program it is supported by an educational mentor. Educational mentors are subject matter experts who have years of experience in their field as well as the necessary educational training and credentials to work as an expert. The mentor is available to answer any questions a learner may have including questions on course content, course material, certifications, and even industry questions. Mentors also monitor the progress of learners to ensure training retention and program advancement. In eLearning, motivation is a key tool to success. Because of this, mentors provide encouraging comments, feedback, and coaching to motivate learners throughout the duration of the program to support completion and success!

Certification: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be equipped for an entry-level position in their field and will be prepared to sit for the NCCB national certification exam to become a Sustainability Specialist (CSS). Each state may have additional licensing requirements, be sure to research your states requirements for employment by visiting your states occupation board.


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