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Project Management Knowledge Areas

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In today’s business environment, there is a need for good project management. Project management provides visibility of project health to the business and the customer. Through continuous monitoring, early detection of variations to plan, schedule, and budget can be communicated to stakeholders for quick resolution, including project cancelation. The Project Management Professional community does this through the five Project Management Processes supported by the ten Project Management Knowledge Areas. This course introduces the student to the ten Project management Knowledge Areas and their support role and relationships to the five Project Management Processes.


Unit 1
Project Integration & Scope Management
– Integration Manag
– Direct & Manage Project Work
– Perform Integrated Change Control
– Scope Management
– Control Scope

Unit 2
Project Time & Cost Management
– Time Management
– Sequence Activities
– Control Schedule
– Cost Management
– Plan Cost Management

Unit 3
Project Quality, Human Resources & Communications Management
– Quality Management
– Human Resources Management
– Communications Management

Unit 4
Project Risk, Procurement & Stakeholder Management
– Risk Management
– Plan Risk Responses
– Procurement Management
– Stakeholder Management