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New 21st Century Strategies for Productivity

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Time is even more valuable in this century than in the last. How effective you manage your time and productivity can affect your business and personal life in so many ways. You’ll get tips and techniques you won’t get anywhere else for managing time and increasing productivity. Whether you are managing your own time, or others’ time, come away with proven tips to put into practice on Monday morning.


Unit 1
Time and Productivity Management – Evaluation
Time Management Personal Quiz
Workday Analysis Exercise
Being Busy vs Producing Results

Unit 2
Challenges to Time Management and Productivity
Distractions and Interruptions
Concentration and Focus
Stress Management
New Technology and Productivity

Unit 3
Strategies and Tips to improve Time Management and Productivity
Workday Analysis
Planning and Prioritizing
Techniques and Methods
Action Program

Unit 4
Managing Your Time, Yourself and Others
Goal Setting
Self Motivation
Time Trackers
The 4-Hour Workweek