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Certified Goniometry Specialist

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Short Description: Whether you’re a physical therapist, fitness coach or an exercise instructor, you can take your services to the next level with the detailed and comprehensive National Posture Institute’s Online Certified Goniometry Specialist (CGS) Certificate Program.
One of the best and most detailed programs available, this certification can help you to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. It can allow you to offer more value in your products and also teach how to tackle different health and fitness issues.
A goniometer is a specialized tool that is used to track the muscular range of motion of clients and create a personalized or specialized training program for them. Using it can be pretty complicated but this certification course is designed to help you with that.
It focuses on the following simple principles:
• Understanding the Goniometer
• Learning how to use the Goniometer properly
• Reading the results and customizing the plan accordingly
• Explaining the results to the clients
This course will equip you the knowledge you need to not only excel as an instructor but also learn how to use a goniometer for your kinesiology course. The multiple benefits of this course make it a must-have for anyone looking to learn more about goniometry.

Instructor Description: This program is supported by an Educational Mentor. Our mentors are available to answer questions and provide motivational support.

Certification: The online NPI-Certified Goniometry Specialist™ (NPI-CGS) Certificate Program is designed for personal trainers, group exercise instructors (Aerobic/Strength/TRX/Pilates/Yoga etc…), athletic trainers, allied medical professionals (physical therapists/chiropractors) interested in learning a detailed process to assess their clients/patients joint and muscular range of motion (ROM) using a Goniometer.


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