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Certificate in Sustainable Management

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Language: English

Short Description: This user-friendly sustainable management certificate program is specifically designed for adults who want to learn more about sustainable management. Therefore, after completing this program, you can work in organizations that focus on protecting the environment, improving the lives of people, and generating profit for the company.
The fact that this program is user-friendly makes it possible for more people to access this educational platform and improve their career options.
The program covers various topics. Some of these include:
• The connection between sustainability and the environment
• Why sustainability has become more popular in recent years
• The government’s role in implementing sustainability
• Why businesses embrace sustainable management within their organizations
• Criticisms of corporate sustainability
• Principles ofsustainable management at the workplace
• The triple bottom line concept and the three pillars of it: “People, Planet, and Profits”
• Identifying and implementing practices to measure an organization’s sustainable management efforts
The program makes use of interactive elements such as flashcards, reading material, games, and more to ensure an engaging and entertaining learning process. Hence, you can enjoy the road to a new professional career path, and ensure that you’re ready for the competitive professional landscape.

Instructor Description: This course has a “Mentor Expert” helpdesk feature. Learners have the ability to submit questions directly to an expert in the field you are studying.