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Certificate in Data Analytics

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Language: English

Short Description: This interactive module is specifically designed for people who are looking for data analytics certification online. With this certification module, you can acquire the necessary skills, knowledge, and credentials to make a successful career for yourself in the field of data analytics.
This assessment-rich module will provide you with an overview of various topics in the field of statists, and it will instruct you on how you can apply that knowledge in various fields. Therefore, in this course, you’ll learn:
• the fundamentals of quantitative analysis and its uses in the professional landscape
• how to use quantitative analytics to make decisions
• how to use techniques to ensure accurate research design
• data management techniques that include transforming data, handling missing data, and recording data
• regression analysis and forecasting techniques
• Seven Basic Quality Tools
This module includes a variety of assessment material, including quizzes and exams, that will help you prepare yourself for a transition into this field. There are a lot of specific techniques and tools that you’ll need to know how to apply and use on the job, so the assessments will ensure that you retain the information well. This way, you can increase your value as a professional in this field.

Instructor Description: The Data Analytics program is supported by Educational Mentors. Educational Mentors have practical industry experience in the subject they mentor. Educational Mentors review student work, student progress, and interact with students as needed. They respond to any questions or concerns you might have, as well as encouraging and motivating you to succeed.


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