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Activity Professional

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Language: English

Short Description: This multimedia-rich course is designed for healthcare professionals interested in kinesiology and its applications. It encompasses all the knowledge and skills necessary for an activity professional. The course also provides an overview of human anatomy, physiology, and pathology to expand and nurture your understanding.
After completing this course, the students will be able to:
• Understand the organization of the human body using the concepts of Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, and Pathology.
• Identify the contribution that each significant body system makes to the homeostasis of the body, and the underlying physiological processes performed by each system.
• Identify selected human diseases in terms of definition, causes, symptoms, diagnostic procedures, and possible treatments.
• Understand the common issues and changes that each body system goes through during the human lifespan.
• Understand introductory kinesiology terms and concepts, and their application in manual therapy.
• Identify muscular, skeletal, and joint structures, functions, concepts, and alignment principles.
• Understand NM structures and functions and basic NM therapies.
• Understand foundational biomechanical concepts, body-use patterns, manual therapy, and body mechanics.
• Identify components of ideal and faulty postures, and apply postural assessment to manual therapy treatments and body mechanics.
• Identify components of gait and how they relate to pattern recognition and body mechanics

Instructor Description: Though this program is a self-paced program it is supported by an educational mentor. Educational mentors are subject matter experts who have years of experience in their field as well as the necessary educational training and credentials to work as an expert. The mentor is available to answer any questions a learner may have including questions on course content, course material, certifications, and even industry questions. Mentors also monitor the progress of learners to ensure training retention and program advancement. In eLearning, motivation is a key tool to success. Because of this, mentors provide encouraging comments, feedback, and coaching to motivate learners throughout the duration of the program to support completion and success!


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