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ACSM Prep Course

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Language: English

Short Description: This course is designed to give students the knowledge and understanding necessary to prepare the ACSM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Certification Exam. ACSM CPTs work with apparently healthy individuals and those with health challenges who are able to exercise independently to enhance quality of life, improve health-related physical fitness and performance, manage health risk, and promote lasting, healthy behavior changes. The CPT is certified to conduct basic pre-participation health screening assessments, submaximal cardiovascular exercise tests, and muscular strength/endurance, flexibility and body composition tests. Practice certification test questions will be presented within the course, and students who successfully complete it typically fair the same on the actual exam that is to be set up through ACSM directly, after you complete the course. Graduating students are provided with a discount opportunity when registering through ACSM for the final certification exam.

Learning Objectives:
1.Describe the scope of practice of a Personal Trainer
2.Explain the underlying biomechanical and kinesiological principles of musculoskeletal movement.
3.Introduce the field of biomechanics as an important tool for Personal Trainers to assess, teach, and correct exercise technique.
4.Know the essential elements of energy balance as it relates to weight control, body composition, and performance
5.Understand and apply health behavior change models to support and facilitate exercise adherence and apply appropriate strategies to build clients’ self-efficacy, motivation, and self-worth related to exercise
6.Learn the attributes of relationship marketing and how it pertains to the initial and ongoing appointments with the client
7.Describe the components of a comprehensive exercise program
8.Design, evaluate, and implement resistance, cardiovascular and flexibility training programs

Instructor Description: This class supported by an Educational Mentor. Educational mentors have worked or are working in the subject they mentor. Educational Mentors review student work, student progress, and interact with students as needed. They respond to any questions or concerns you might have, as well as encouraging and motivating you to succeed.

Certification: The program prepares students for the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified Personal Trainer Certification. ACSM provides graduating certificate students a Preferred Discount on the ACSM Personal Training Certification Exam and study materials.