Develop Your Workforce and Fulfill Skill Needs with Multi-Craft Training

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Multi-Craft Training LFCC Workforce SolutionsWe Understand Our Community’s Needs

Now more than ever companies have the critical need of a skilled and knowledgeable technician that can run, maintain and troubleshoot equipment and facilities. From the novice to senior employees, continuous training and closing in skills gaps are necessary to meet these needs. Our Multi-Craft Training program offers the flexibility and convenience to develop a workforce and fulfill the needs of today’s facilities and demanding schedules.

Knowledge and Skill Needs

Having skilled and knowledgeable technician perform at a high level is extremely important in the overall productivity of a facility. The “Super Technician” must troubleshoot any piece of equipment or system in the following areas:

  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics
  • PLC
  • Metal Machining
  • Safety
  • Mechatronics
  • HVAC
  • Welding
  • Lean Systems
  • Problem Solving
  • Computers

Demand and Workforce Development

The multi-craft technician occupation is in great demand in the Shenandoah Valley, in Virginia, and the US for that matter. The demands for these positions are only going to increase as the senior experienced employees are retiring. Development of current employees from your workforce may be the only way to fill these critical positions.

Assessment of Our Area Workforce

Skill assessments may be needed to determine if a novice employee can fill the role of this critical position or to determine the skill gaps of experienced individuals and the maintenance group as a whole.

For the Novice

  • WorkKeys: Job Skills assessment system that helps employers select, hire, train, develop, and retain a high-performance workforce
  • Suggested Assessments: Applied Mathematics, Locating Information, Reading for Information, and Applied Technology
  • Results can be compared to verified profile
  • Unlimited retesting
  • Free online tutorials available (WIN)

For the Experienced

  • Technical Assessments
  • 13 Assessments: 8 Written, 5 Hands On
  • Written: Electrical, Mechanical, PLC, Safety, Applied Technology, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, HVAC
  • Hands On: Electrical, Mechanical, Variable, Frequency Drive, PLC, Welding
  • 30 minute Assessments

Success Story

Through the Higher Education Equipment Trust Fund (HEETF), LFCC Workforce Solutions’ students have access to new top-of-the-line equipment for multi-craft training. See why multi-craft training as helped one individual succeed in their career.

Investment in Equipment and Partnerships15207158534_3976659979_k

The importance of learning is more than just lecture, book, and computer. That’s why Workforce Solutions sought after and was awarded a unique grant of over $300,000 to purchase equipment in support of this program. Participants can experience practical applications and receive hands-on training.

It takes a community of partnerships for an extensive program to be sustainable for the future. Your partnership includes but is not limited to employees taking classes, donating equipment, providing scholarships, providing feedback for improvement and suggesting other classes that your employees may need to be successful.

Program Delivery

Learning combinations available with the Multi-Craft Training Program:

  • Apprenticeships: No cost to enroll for the employer. 144 hours of classes and 2,000 hours of hands-on training per year. Official designation through the Department of Labor.
  • Fast Track “Boot Camps”: Quick burst training to gain skills and knowledge needed.
  • Open Enrollment Classes: Scheduled throughout the year in traditional classroom, Lab, web-based and hybrid (combination) class formats
  • Custom Classes: Designed for groups of 8 or more at one time in a traditional or hybrid class format. Training can take place at your facility or ours and be tailored to meet specific applications.
  • Tooling U: Web Based Offering over 400 unique classes offering subject information, quizzes, simulations and chapter tests. An administrator can monitor progress and class material and performance follows the individual.
  • Individual Needs: Create an Individual Skill Enhancement Plan based on gaps identified through assessments.


Offer a learning vehicle in a flexible way to meet the needs of various and demanding schedules, the multi-craft technician training can be customized to meet your facility needs but also delivered in several different formats.

Our Multi-Craft Training program offers the flexibility and convenience to develop your workforce and fulfill the needs of today’s facilities and demanding schedules. See our Mechatronics Program and other programs by learning more/register online now for a fast track approach to this in-demand career. You can also browse our courses to fit your skill needs or download our free Multi-Craft Classes Training Guide

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