COVID 19 Safety Guidelines

UPDATE: As of March 14, 2022, face coverings are optional for all students, employees, and guests at all of our locations. Please keep in mind that anyone who still wants to wear a mask is encouraged to do so. While masks will become optional, we will continue to support other mitigation strategies such as increased air flow, enhanced cleaning, and plexiglass barriers where requested. As COVID-19 is still present, everyone is asked to follow these guidelines:

COVID 19 Student Expectations

Students agree to the following conditions to return to class:

  1. I will not come to class sick or stay if I feel sick, regardless of symptoms. I will contact my instructor so that they are aware and can make instructional accommodations if necessary. I will stay in touch regularly with my instructor until I return to class.
  2. If I am diagnosed with COVID 19 I will not come to class. If I recently attended class, I will advise my instructor immediately of my diagnosis. I will stay in touch with my instructor as I am able. I will not return to class until I am directed to do by the college (per CDC and VCCS guidelines);
    • Workforce Solutions students who test positive for COVID should contact Bill Pence at [email protected] as soon as possible for further direction.
    • Credit and Adult Education students who test positive for COVID should email [email protected]
    • College employees who test positive for COVID should contact JoAnn Ellwood at [email protected].
  3. I will practice physical distancing as appropriate, necessary, or directed;
  4. Face coverings (masks) are currently optional. Other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as it relates to safety / course content may be required by the college or by my instructor;
  5. I will be prepared if an in-person class is moved online. In the event of a class exposure, new outbreak, or change in state guidelines, I understand it is possible my class may be moved online, fully or partially. I understand that if my class is moved online, I will need access to technology and internet with as little as 24 hours’ notice; and,
  6. RECOMMENDATION: I should sign up for the LFCC Alert so that I will receive school-wide bulletins and update TEXTS/EMAILS not only about closing, but other emergency information I should know. For the latest emergency closing information, please sign up for LFCC Alert by texting lfccalert (all one word) to 226787 or visiting

The College will do the following:

  • Maintain a commitment to keeping educational interruptions to a minimum and helping students stay on track to complete their programs of study;
  • Take appropriate steps to mitigate the risk of virus transmission;
  • Provide regular cleaning of common areas such as water fountains and restrooms;
  • Quickly respond to student concerns and/or questions as they may arise, and;
  • Adapt, adjust, or change procedures or policies to adhere to CDC, state, or federal policy/guidelines.