Patient Service Representative Program Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is involved with this class?

    This class has 3 different components to it.

    • Classroom – There are 27 classroom hours with this program.
      • The textbook does come with additional resources such as a CD and MindTap. It is up to the instructor’s discretion regarding how much MindTap will be used throughout the course.
    • Online – There is a Medical Terminology online course that is a 20-hour program.
  • WorkKeys Assessment – This is a job readiness assessment that will show employers your level of competency. This will be taken during a regularly scheduled class time.


  1. How long do I have to complete everything in the class?

    • Typically students will receive all of the information regarding the online class after the 1st week of class. All 3 components included in the class should be completed by the end of the class.

  1. If I have taken the WorkKeys Assessment before, do I have to take it again?

    • You only have to retake the assessment if you want to. Some students choose to take certain sections so that they can gain a higher level certificate. Please let your instructor know at the beginning of the class if you have already earned a certificate and you are not planning to take it again.


  1. If I have taken a much more extensive Medical Terminology class, do I have to take it again?

    • If you can show proof, upon registration, that you have recently taken a more extensive Medical Terminology class, you can be exempt from taking it again. There will not be any type of discount given if you have already taken it. This course is designed to help students understand how to break words down. If you already have a good understanding of medical terminology, and you are comfortable with your knowledge, there’s no need to retake it.


  1. When will I take the exam?

    • The exam is usually one week after the course has ended.


  1. Where will I take the exam?

    • The exam is at the Testing Center at the LFCC campus (Middletown, or Fauquier – based on where you took the class.)
  1. Is there a lot of homework outside of class?

    • There are several chapters of reading that have to be done between each class. This will need to be balanced with the online course. There is a significant amount of material that needs to be studied and memorized in preparation for the National Certification. However, time Management skills will be an important factor in your success. Students have been successful in the past with covering this amount of material in 10 weeks of class time.


  1. Will I get a certification from the Medical Terminology online class?

    • You will get a certificate of completion for this course. You will not get a specific credential. This course was added to be a tool to assist you for the exam and with future employment.


  1. Is the exam written? Is it on the computer or is on paper?

    • The exam is online and is all done on the computer. Everything is “written” and there are no auditory sections.


  1. What is the NHA and what credential can I earn?

    • The NHA is the National Healthcareer Association is a credentialing organization focused on helping individuals and healthcare businesses make a meaningful, positive impact. By completing this course, you are eligible to take the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant exam (CMAA).


  1. What kinds of jobs can I look for if I have this credential?

    • There are many different titles for someone with this training. Patient Services Representative, Medical Office Specialist, Medical Secretary, Patient Service Specialist, Admissions Coordinator are all commonly used titles that would utilize this training.


  1. Could I work in different types of offices with this training?

    1. Yes, there is a wide range of medical offices looking for someone with this training from dental clinics to chiropractors.


  1. If I have to retake the exam, how do I do that?

    • You will need to contact the main office at Workforce Solutions regarding this request. A test can be scheduled approximately 3 weeks prior to the new testing date.


  1. Why is this class called the “Patient Service Representative” (PSR) program when the material references a Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) and I will take the CMAA certification exam?

    • Upon careful review from previous instructors, students, and employers, it was decided that this title best reflects the job titles in this area. Previous students and instructors felt that the CMAA course title for the class was confusing to students when they were researching jobs, as most employers do not use this exact wording in their job descriptions.