Nurse Aide Program Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between a Certified Medical Assistant and a Nurse Aide?

  • Nurse Aide’s duties typically consist of assisting patients with activities of daily living, such as bathing, feeding, and incontinence care. Some Nurse Aides receive additional specialized training from their employer and can advance to Patient Care Tech in a hospital setting, or Certified Medication Aide in an assisted living facility.
  • Certified Medical Assistants are cross-trained, allied health members. This means that they can be utilized in either a clinical or clerical capacity in ambulatory care settings, such as a physician’s office. Some clerical duties include checking patients in, obtaining insurance information, scheduling, and collecting co-pays. Clinical, or back office, duties included obtaining vital signs, performing lab tests, giving injections, and drawing blood.


  1. What is the difference between a Medication Aide and a Certified Medical Assistant?

  • Medication Aides are Nurse Aides who have completed additional training and taken a certification exam in order to be able to dispense medications under a physician’s order. They are used in assisted living facilities to assist with daily medication distribution.
  • Certified Medical Assistants can dispense medication as well, without undergoing additional training or certification. They can perform this task in addition to their other clinical duties, such as those listed above.
  1. Where can I find a job once I’ve gotten my C.N.A. license?

  • CNA’s can find employment at nursing homes, assisted livings, home health care, and hospitals. There are great opportunities within this field everywhere!


  1. If I want to be a nurse, but I’m not sure, should I take this class?

  • Many RN’s and BSN’s have started out as a Nurse Aide. This is a great opportunity to test out your career path, while gaining experience in the healthcare field.


  1. What are the steps that I have to take in order to register for this class?

  • Sign up to take the WorkKeys Assessment. You should receive your results within about a week. If you scored high enough, you will earn a Career Readiness Certificate (CRC).
  • If you earn a Career Readiness Certificate (CRC), register for the Nurse Aide Program with Workforce Solutions. Please register in person at the Workforce Solutions office at the LFCC Middletown Campus.
  • You will then get an email with the background check, physical and drug screening information. This must be completed at least 3 weeks in advance of the start of the class so that we will have the results of your background check/drug screen before the start of the class.
  • Get a Royal Blue pair of scrubs from the Winchester Uniform store, white or black non-slip nursing shoes, and a watch with a second hand before the start of the class.
  • Your textbooks will be given to you the first night of the class.


  1. Why do I have to take the Work Keys Assessment before I can register for this class?

  • Since Workforce does not require the same level of pre-entry testing that the credit side of the college requires, we use the WorkKeys Assessment to ensure that each student is prepared for this level of education. The Nurse Aide Program is rigorous and we want everyone who takes it to be successful!


  1. When do I take the WorkKeys assessment?

  • To register to take the assessment, go to Choose the course and check out. This test is offered at the Fauquier and Middletown Campus through the LFCC Testing Center. So, please be sure to choose the correct location when you register. This assessment is free for those planning to register for this course. Once you’ve completed the registration, please follow the confirmation email directions to set up the time and date. Please allow 4 hours.


  1. If I’ve already taken a WorkKeys Assessment, do I need to take it again?

  • No, this is completely up to you. If you are happy with your level of certificate, then there’s no need to retake it. If you want to score higher, you may do so.


  1. If I have a current AHA BLS CPR certification, do I need to retake it with the class?

  • As long as your certification is valid throughout the entire class, you don’t have to retake it. Your card must be shown to Carol Williams at the beginning of the class so that she can make a copy of it.


  1. Why do I have to have an AHA BLS CPR before the start of class?

    • Clinical sites require that students have this certification before they can come into their facility. Since clinicals are done throughout this class, it’s important that this is completed before the class starts.
    • Upon registration for the class, please also register for the AHA BLS CPR class if needed. There will not be a charge for this class if you are taking it for the Nurse Aide program since it is included in the tuition. Please be sure to mention this to the registration team before you register for this class.
  1. If I’ve had a physical and TB test within the past year, do I have to have it done again?

  • As long as the doctor who completed this is willing to completely fill out the physical form, you don’t have to have another one.


  1. I had a background check done recently, do I have to do again?

  • Yes, you will need to get it done again through our background check provider. We have to share this information directly with the clinical sites and they require that this is completed.