Welding Class Information

What to Wear

  • Long pants (preferably jeans or cargo pants)
  • 100% cotton shirt, long sleeve or t-shirt depending on the weather
  • Shoes should be leather & at least over the ankle (6”), high tops (8”) are highly recommended; steel toes are preferred.
  • Hair tie if necessary

*** Everything you wear could be potentially damaged by the nature of the class. Please do not wear anything you don’t want to be ruined.

What Not to Wear

  • Shorts
  • Tennis shoes/Flip flops
  • Anything flammable or easily meltable (like nylon, flannel or synthetic material)
  • Frayed or cuffed pants

What to Bring

Students will be given the supplies needed to be successful throughout the class. Items like leather gloves, helmets, safety glasses are all shared among students. If you feel more comfortable buying and bringing your own personal supplies to each class, you are welcome and encouraged to do that.

*** Please also keep lighters in your car during class. They have been known to explode so do not keep them on your person.

Download the Welding Student Handbook

Welding Student Handbook.pdf

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