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LFCC Workforce Solutions is Proud to Host the Popular Return of the Leadership Institute


Workforce Solutions is proud to host the popular return of the Leadership Institute. The Leadership Institute offers current and emerging leaders the unique opportunity to grow and challenge their leadership and operational skills through a team-based interactive collaboration. This course is intended for rookies and veterans with minimal formal leadership classes.

  • Over 15 leadership and operational topics
  • Classes held at LFCC campuses and leading area businesses
  • 11 sessions; 8 hours per session
  • Lunch and refreshments will be provided
  • Maximum of 3 participants from one company. Additional seats are available depending upon enrollment. Only 20 total participants are selected.

Why Leadership Institute for your Leadership Development Needs?

Workforce Solutions has been cultivating leaders across various industries through Leadership Institute for 10 years. Our proven leadership development program not only helps to create leaders across the region, it also nurtures these leaders through continuing education and advanced leadership training. Here is some of what our past participants have to say:

Leadership Institute Starts April 21, 2022

Session 1 April 21, 2022 Your Leadership Journey
Session 2 May 19, 2022 Servant Leadership & Resolving Workplace Conflict
Session 3 June 16, 2022 Leadercast – The One Thing
Session 4 July 21, 2022 Building an Environment of Trust & Maximizing My Leadership Style
Session 5 August 18, 2022 Time Management / Effective Meetings & Delegating with Purpose
Session 6 September 15, 2022 Adaptive Leadership & Continuous Improvement
Session 7 October 20, 2022 HR for Non-HR & Diversity Awareness
Session 8 November 17, 2022 Managing Generational Differences & Employee Retention
Session 9 December 8, 2022 Coaching for Peak Performance & Personality Preferences
Session 10 January 19, 2023 Driving Change & Presentation Skills
Session 11 February 16, 2023 Participant Presentations & Graduation Luncheon

View the 2021-2022 Catalog (2022-2023 Coming Soon!)

Comments From Past Participants:

“This is a great course, and would recommend it to any supervisor, or any individual who is on track to take on a leadership role in the future.”

 “I loved the classes at different companies and tours.  It is always good to see a different perspective than the one you have every day.”

“As holding my first management position, this course definitely has guided me down the path that would have taken years to find on my own. Saved me a lot of trial and error. Great jump start.”

“This course has expanded my knowledge and provide helpful tools on how I want to lead. Most importantly for me, it has shown various examples and discussion on what an outstanding leader is, and provided me with a template of how I want to be seen as a leader. Following the template will ensure that I am effective in my career.”

 “It has helped me to better understand my role in the organization.  I have already seen situations that I would have handled differently before attending this class. I feel that it has made me a better employee and more valuable to the company.”

 “It has made me try to be more of a coach than a supervisor; made me to try to get more out of the ones that sit back and let others do everything;  challenged me to get to know my people.”

 “Being able to tour other industries in the area let me see first-hand how other companies operate and the kinds of goods/services they provide.   Most instructors kept the classes interesting and encouraged active participation.”

“Overall, the classes reopened my eyes to change awareness and seeing that we are not the only company that has problems hiring and retaining good help. It exposed some of the weaknesses such as delegating and conflict management so I can try to develop more on these skills in time.”

 “This class has completely changed my attitude. I was tremendously overwhelmed when I assumed my new role. Now, armed with the tools presented and insight from others, I feel empowered to apply what I have learned and effectively face my daily challenges.”

“It has given me much more confidence in my job and personal growth.”

 “There have been so many ideas that I have gained from these classes that I have implemented on the job. The discussion planner worksheets that have been provided to us have been extremely useful in setting the pace for any coaching session that we have and maintaining the focus of why we were having the discussion in the first place.”


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