Commercial Truck Driver CDL-B Fast-Track Career Training Program

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With a national and local CDL driver shortage, trucking companies are hiring! Local, regional and national employers cannot find enough commercial drivers.

Dump trucks, utility trucks, tow trucks, mixer trucks, large straight trucks, and so many more vehicles require you to hold a Class B CDL in order for you to drive them. LFCC Workforce Solutions offers Entry-Level Driver Training to obtain a Class B Commercial Driver’s License.

Training is tailored to meet the requirements of the Entry-Level Driver Training rule, which will mandate all CDL candidates attend a certified CDL school prior to taking their skills test with the DMV. Our Class B program will equip students with the skills required by the Department of Motor Vehicles to pass the Virginia Class B driving exam. Students will participate in classroom, on-the-road, and range training in small groups.  Topics, such as safe operating procedures, vehicle systems, basic control, and much more, will be covered in the classroom.  Range training consists of the knowledge required to pass the DMV skills test, including Pre-Trip Inspection, Straight Line Backing, Off-Set Backing, and Parallel Parking.  On-The-Road training covers shifting, speed and space management, and many other control topics.  Upon satisfactory completion of the required curriculum and a demonstration of the skillset needed to pass the DMV exam, the DMV skills test will be scheduled. Once students pass the skills exam, they will receive a student transcript and a Certificate of Completion.

LFCC offers a full-time training program four times per calendar year.  Training is Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm for approximately three weeks. During training, student coordinators will provide job placement assistance to each student.

What is Expected

Due to the accelerated nature of this program, both classroom and hands-on, it is imperative that students attend class daily and on time. Students are expected to dedicate themselves to the program with regular, on-time attendance. The trucking industry is logistic based and requires its drivers to deliver goods in a timely manner, so we can’t recommend a student to an employer if they had an attendance issue.  Within the program, students will be expected to adhere to the same timely schedule to ensure a foundation of good work habits are set prior to entering the workforce. Poor/unacceptable attendance may result in dismissal from the program and/or failure to obtain a license.

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Upon successful completion of this program, a student will be eligible to test at a DMV testing facility to obtain their state CDL license which is issued by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. Out of state students will still be able to be licensed by their home stateThe CDL program will schedule and provide the vehicle for the skills exam. Once students pass the skills exam they will receive a student transcript and a Certificate of Completion.


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