Clinical Medical Assistant (CMA) Student Spotlight

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Connie Miller is a 2015 graduate of the Clinical Medical Assistant (CMA) Program available at LFCC Workforce Solutions.  Before entering the CMA program, Connie was as a stay-at-home mom raising her children and taking care of her family. Now that her children are older it was time for her to join the workforce. “I’ve always been interested in medical … I wanted to get my feet wet per se and I looked into the CMA program for about a year,” said Miller.CMA-Student-Spotlight-Connie-Miller

New to healthcare Miller knew the CMA program would be a commitment but she was ready for the challenge. Miller said, “It was a difficult for me to come back and in the first two weeks I was overwhelmed…I usually plunge myself in at 110% in whatever I do. It ended up being a great experience and I learned a lot.”

Miller feels the CMA program is a great program for those considering a career in healthcare. Miller added, “It touches a lot of different aspects of nursing and healthcare. However, it’s not fly-by-night and to be successful you really need to commit yourself.”

Miller credits her CMA instructor, Robin Luttrell, for her hands-on instruction and clinical assignments that helped prepare her for a career in healthcare.  “Definitely a great experience with Robin. She did great with everyone. She has been in lots of areas in her nursing career and was able to pull all that experience into the classroom,” said Miller.

Towards the end of her program completion, Miller dedicated herself to finding her first job in healthcare and networked with several local offices in the area. In a short period of time she had several job prospects and has accepted a position in an OB/GYN office.

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