Build Your Welding Skills

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New to Welding and Looking to Learn the Basics?

With Little or No Experience, Jump Start Your Skills with Basic Welding

Basic Weldingman welding with reflection of sparks on visor

Are you interested in learning multiple welding processes? If the answer is yes, then this is the class for you. Explore several different welding processes, including stick arc, oxy-fuel, MIG, and TIG welding. Learn the many essentials of a weld, striking an arc, and arc patterns. Gain a basic understanding of an electrode and the importance of electrode selection. Explore band saw basics, welding beads, and the many different ways of welding joints. And as always, learn welding and fuel safety throughout this entire course. If under 17 years of age, see Intro to Welding for Youth. Continue reading Build Your Welding Skills

Certified Welder Certificate Series

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Certified Welder Fast-Track Career Training Program

man welding with reflection of sparks on visor
Download the Certified Welder Career Guide. Click below.

Ideal for new welders and those who want to enhance current welding skills, our Certified Welder Fast Track Career Training Program is designed for American Welding Society (AWS) standards and prepares students for AWS Certifications.

Program includes:

  • Basic Welding
  • MIG Welding Workshop
  • TIG Welding Workshop
  • AWS Welding Certification Prep and Exam

The program concludes with an opportunity to prepare and test for an AWS Welding Certification with a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI)! You will know the result of your test the same night. Official AWS papers will be mailed within two weeks. Don’t miss this opportunity to prove your welding skills when looking for a job!

Program BenefitsAWS

  • Accelerated Program
  • Hands-on Learning
  • Experienced Instructors
  • Prep for Certification Test with a Certified Welding Instructor
  • Opportunity for National Certification

Download the Career Guide

Download the Certified Welder Career Guide.

What does a job in welding typically look like?

Employment Outlook: Certified Welder

View local salary and job market information here >>>

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Call or visit our Middletown Office to get the Certified Welder Bundle Series or visit our website to sign up for individual welding classes – Learn More/Register Now >>>

WSCE Classes Enrolling Now LFCC Workforce Solutions

LFCC Program Boosts New Careers

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Posted: September 20, 2014

The Winchester Star

Fletcher poses with Lord Fairfax Community College Workforce Solutions staffers Catherine Kelley (from left), job placement coach; Estelle Sanzenbacher, career coach; and Sherry Pinto, on-the-job training coach for Valley Workforce.


With a baby on the way, Hunter Fletcher knew it was time to improve his job prospects, so he turned to a career program offered by Lord Fairfax Community College Workforce Solutions.

The Woodstock resident is now a lathe operator at Xerium Technologies (formerly Stowe Woodward Co.), just south of LFCC’s Middletown campus on Valley Pike (U.S. 11).

Fletcher, 28, had been working on an organic berry farm — Jerry’s Gourmet Berries — doing maintenance and landscaping work.

“Me and my girlfriend…when she was pregnant, I quickly realized I needed to get a career in mind and a job going,” he said.

Fletcher was taking his girlfriend to classes at LFCC when he overheard discussion about Workforce Solutions and its Career Changer programs.

“So, I figured that would be a good thing for me to do while I was here with her,” he said.

Two years ago, Fletcher went to a boot camp for industrial maintenance.

As a Workforce Solutions career coach, Estelle Sanzenbacher meets with clients and helps them determine a career path. That could include going back to school, gaining certification or updating a resume.

The goal is to get clients into a job if they don’t have one, or into a better one if they do. Continue reading LFCC Program Boosts New Careers

Money Saved with Small Engine Repair

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Money Saved with Small Engine Repair ClassesSmall Engine Repair - Save Money

This spring we will a great do-it-yourself classes in small engine repair. It has been the perfect program for those wishing to learn hands-on engine repair and a few ways to save money. Students have been working on the provided engines in class and individual training projects including engines brought from outside of class. By learning to make repairs on their own, one student’s example produced $400 in potential savings for them. With just a few dollars in parts and doing the repairs on their own, they were able to avoid sending their leaf blower to a repair shop. Imagine how much money you can save by doing repairs yourself to you snow blower, lawn mower, generator and more. The possibilities are endless.

See our photos from the current Introduction to Small Engine Repair class.

Our Small Engine Repair classes are great‪ ‎DIY programs for those looking to fix that old tractor, generator, lawnmower or any small engine and save money. Learn more about our Small Engine Repair classes taking place, such as Two/Four Stroke Engines and Powered Equipment Electrical.


WSCE Classes Enrolling Now LFCC Workforce Solutions

Why Choose Apprenticeship

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Why Choose Apprenticeship?Apprenticeship Training LFCC Workforce Solutions

Registered apprenticeship is a state agreement between an employee and employer who needs a skilled worker and an individual (the apprentice) who wants to “earn while learning” a skilled occupation. If you are currently employed as a tradesman or skilled technician, talk to your employer today about the benefits of participating in the apprenticeship program. As part of the program, apprentices take trade specific classes to earn the necessary classroom hours required to complete the apprenticeship.

Continue reading Why Choose Apprenticeship