FastForward Showing Positive Impact Early On

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FastForward Credentials
The Top 5 FastForward Credentials are providing a 21%-58% increase in wages for graduates.

To date over 11,000 valuable, industry-recognized workforce credentials have been awarded to Virginians through a pay-for-performance grant training program. This training has occurred through a Virginia Community College program called FastForward, which was designed to empower Virginians with the specific skills employers are seeking. These workforce training programs are geared toward the needs of local businesses and focus on in-demand credentials and degrees allowing Virginians the chance to get the jobs they want and the salaries they need.

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Time for Back to School – Here is Why

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Every year in August and September schools get back underway. The fresh fall air, football on weekends and most people are getting back into a school routine. So why wouldn’t you and your organization go back to school, as well? During this time, most staff are back from summer vacations and companies are gearing up for a full-court press for the remaining fiscal quarters of the year. Here is your chance to finish the year strong by building confidence, reaffirming your professional dedication and increasing efficiency.

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Harness the Power of a Professional Credential, PACE

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Becoming professionally certified can mean the difference between a job offer, a raise, a promotion—or falling behind your peers. Professional certification proves to higher-ups and hiring decision-makers that you’re a leader and a valuable resource they can rely on. It is evidence of your commitment to your job as well as to the administrative profession.

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Myths About the Trades Debunked

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Revive the blue collar worker! Their jobs pay well.

Stuck in your current career? Need to earn a higher wage for your family? Looking for a change but don’t have the time or resources for a four-year degree. Trades may be your answer. The trades are high-demand locally, regionally and across our nation. In a short period of time, you can earn a national credential and be on your way a to a new and exciting career.  Continue reading Myths About the Trades Debunked

PluggedInVA Hosting Adult Education Training through LFCC Workforce Solutions

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Plugged In Virginia

PluggedInVA is an education and career training program of the Nothern Shenandoah Valley Adult Education Program at Lord Fairfax Community College. Students looking to gain the skills they need to get their next job or career can find assistance through this unique program.

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Start or Enhance Your Trades Career

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Looking for an in-demand career with a great paying wage? No time and money to earn a college degree? A career in the trades offers endless possibilities locally and regionally with advancement opportunities. Look for our Fast Track Career Training Programs to quickly train and receive a credential in one of Virginia’s highest demand career fields.

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Start, Enhance or Change Your Career

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start-enhance-changeLord Fairfax Community College Workforce Solutions specializes in programs that develop and enhance workplace skills for individuals and organizations.

We represent your local, reliable, and trusted partner for quality and relevant workforce training programs that meet the needs of employers and individuals in our community.

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How Prospective College Students Can Gain A Competitive Edge

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unemployedMany college graduates are having a difficult time finding jobs commensurate with their degrees…

  • A degree may not be relevant to a profession…
  • Many accept entry-level positions for which they are technically overqualified…
  • Employers cannot find appropriately skilled job candidates

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In-Demand Trades

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Looking for a High-Demand Career?Engineer Servicing Central Heating Boiler

Have you ever fixed something at home or at work and wondered to yourself, “Wow, I think I could do this for a career!”? If so, you may be in the wrong line of work or never realized what you were capable of in a trades career. People who have the knack for DIY or those who have always enjoyed working with their hands should consider a career in the trades. Continue reading In-Demand Trades

Explore a Career as a Building Maintenance Technician

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Gain the skills to successfully maintain Facilities and PropertiesBuilding-Maintenance-Technician

Career Overview 

Building Maintenance Technicians
Building Maintenance Technicians, also known as general maintenance and repair workers, handle a variety of construction related tasks every day.  They handle repairs that require the basic skills of all the trades such as an electrician, carpenter, plumber, mechanic, painter, and HVAC technician. They also handle general maintenance duties like painting a lobby, fixing a broken garbage disposal, and or replacing a faucet.

Job Duties may include:

  • Utilize blueprints or diagrams to plan for repair work
  • Use common hand and power tools such as screwdrivers, saws, drills, wrenches, and hammers
  • Fix or paint roofs, windows, doors, floors, woodwork, and other parts of buildings
  • Maintain and repair specialized equipment and machinery in cafeterias, laundries, hospitals, stores, residences, offices, and other facilities
  • Order supplies from distributors to make necessary repairs
  • Upkeep buildings and properties
  • Keep detailed records of their work

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