Business Analysis Online Certificate Series

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Business analysts lead efforts to define needs and design solutions that deliver value to businesses and organizations; they are agents of change and take a disciplined approach to introduce and manage change within businesses and organizations. Continue reading Business Analysis Online Certificate Series

6 graduate from Virginia Career Works’ first Building Maintenance Technician Program

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This is original content from the Winchester Star.

Kenia Guevara was 2 years old when her family emigrated to the United States from El Salvador. Growing up in Frederick County, she was subjected to racial slurs, told she would never amount to anything and told to go back to her native country. Continue reading 6 graduate from Virginia Career Works’ first Building Maintenance Technician Program

Jill Cagle: Workforce Solutions’ CompTIA courses lead to new career for mom of six

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Mother-of-six Jill Cagle is thriving as an IT specialist with Syntelligent Analytic Solutions in Luray where she is one of nearly 20 employees who either have graduated from or are still enrolled at LFCC. Continue reading Jill Cagle: Workforce Solutions’ CompTIA courses lead to new career for mom of six

Kareem Jenkins: Pandemic hiatus leads to new career direction

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Having his work hours drastically reduced due to the pandemic led Kareem Jenkins to take a serious look at what he wanted to do with his life.

The Manassas resident had been working two part-time jobs before the pandemic struck – as a pizza delivery driver and as a school janitor. When the pandemic closed down schools, Jenkins was out of the janitorial job for months. His delivery job racked up miles on his car. Continue reading Kareem Jenkins: Pandemic hiatus leads to new career direction

Fact Check: The Cost of Poor Leadership

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Poor leadership can cost companies thousands to millions of dollars per year, depending on the size of the organization. Collectively in the United States alone, businesses are losing trillions of dollars per year as a result of voluntary turnover and inability to hire qualified talent due to poor brand reputation. Continue reading Fact Check: The Cost of Poor Leadership

Leadership Basecamp

Introducing Leadership Basecamp – a new frontline leadership program!


Basecamp is the place where all expeditions start. Just as mountain climbers need a place to assemble basic supplies and tools for a successful journey, new leaders need a starting point to build the foundational skills that will not only help them succeed as frontline leaders, but will serve them throughout their career.

The pivot from an individual contributor to leading others is one of the most challenging skill and mindset shifts. Successful frontline supervision requires very specific soft skills, and training for these skills is in high demand in our region across all industry sectors – but especially in the manufacturing and construction industries. According to the 2020 Looking Ahead, Together report, 80% of local manufacturing and construction companies surveyed reported frontline leader/supervisor training as their #1 training need.

As a result, we are proud to offer a new program called Leadership Basecamp, a first-level training series for brand-new supervisors and leaders to assist them in their transition into leadership, and develop bedrock skills that will serve them throughout their career and life.

Leadership Basecamp consists of six core content classes that all participants take, and four elective courses that supplement their learning. Core classes include: Buddy to Boss, Adapting Your Leadership Style, HR Concepts for New Leaders, Time Management, Supervisor Communication Skills, and Toughest Supervisor Challenges. Elective courses will vary, but may include: Computer Basics, Keeping the Good Ones, Creative Problem Solving, A Heart for Service, Introduction to Microsoft Office, Women and Leadership, and Meeting Management.

Leadership Basecamp serves as the foundational tier of Workforce Leadership programs, and an excellent starting point. If you’re in need of middle or top-tier leadership skills training check out our Leadership Institute or Leadership Excellence programs!

The first cohort of this new program begins Tuesday, October 5 and will meet every other Tuesday, 8 AM – 5 PM, ending on Tuesday, November 30. Companies looking to bring this exclusively to their organization may do so now. The cost of the program is $1,795 per participant.

To learn more about Leadership Basecamp or to register, download the Authorization to Bill form or contact Larry Baker 540-868-7283 or [email protected].

Valley Today Radio Show

Listen to Guy Curtis and Jelise Ballon talk about Leadership Basecamp to Janet Michael on Valley Today.

Valley Today: Leadership Basecamp

View the Leadership Basecamp Catalog

Valley Today: Leadership Institute

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We pre-recorded today’s conversation with Guy Curtis, Director of Marketing, Business & Industry Training for LFCC Workforce Solutions & his guest Jeff Hill, Quality Assurance Manager for Thermo-Fisher Scientific to talk about Leadership Institute. Continue reading Valley Today: Leadership Institute