Webinar: Pivot Strategies for the Great Resignation: A Panel Discussion with Local Business Leaders

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Our business partners are the real heroes in today’s workforce success stories.  As most businesses will tell you, workforce shortages are present across industries and unless companies take action to close skills gaps, recruiting and hiring efforts might remain frustrating. Continue reading Webinar: Pivot Strategies for the Great Resignation: A Panel Discussion with Local Business Leaders

Regional Workforce Information Summit

LFCC (Becoming Laurel Ridge) is undergoing a transformation to become a more comprehensive resource to our current and prospective students. In an effort to expand the regional workforce program knowledge of key partners in the community, we are expanding our efforts to share relevant and timely updates in workforce programs, both credit and noncredit, offered through the college.

Twice a year at both the Middletown Campus and Fauquier Campus, we will convene community partners to hold the Regional Workforce Information Summit (RWIS), informative sessions on the programs available to support the clients they encounter wishing to pursue short-term career training programs to enter the workforce.

In advance of the bi-annual summit, we will conduct participant meeting surveys to solicit input and feedback on the timely and dynamic topics our community partners want to learn more about as it pertains to workforce opportunities. We will also develop a list of FAQs in advance of the event, to make this meeting as informative and efficient as possible for the investment of your time. We are excited to meet together and share this important information for the future success of your clients and our students!

Additional details and information will be pushed to this event page and by email to pre-registered attendees. Advanced registration is strongly encouraged.

Upcoming Event Dates

Interested in attending an upcoming RWIS event? All events take place 9:00 am – 11:00 am.
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Tue, May 24, 2022: LFCC Middletown Campus

Wed, June 1, 2022: LFCC Fauquier Campus

Wed, November 9, 2022:  LFCC Middletown Campus

Tue, November 15, 2022: LFCC Fauquier Campus

Six Types of Credentials Non-Traditional Students Want

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“We are at the beginning of what I would call a golden age for lifelong learning and “non-credit” or informal professional learning. However, this market has become substantially more competitive and commoditized. Colleges and universities no longer have a monopoly on being the preferred content creator and distributor and credentialer.”

Continue reading Six Types of Credentials Non-Traditional Students Want

Give Up Your Shoulds

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Throughout life, many of us are weighed down by things that we should do. I should lose weight. I should make changes. I should go back to school. I should be in a different place in life. When we take a major step back to examine all of our shoulds, it can be an overwhelming experience because we look at all of the things that we want to accomplish…but haven’t yet. Continue reading Give Up Your Shoulds

The Economics of Training 101: Reducing Cost, Increasing Quality

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Companies gain competitive advantage when employees have the proper skills and training to excel in their roles. Efficiently trained employees require less oversight, make less costly mistakes, and are better at problem solving than employees who have not been properly trained. Continue reading The Economics of Training 101: Reducing Cost, Increasing Quality

Start 2021 in a 90-Day World

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Organizations are overwhelmingly familiar with setting goals. Leaders set yearly ones, they’re created for specific projects, and they can be short or long term. They’re also applied to new employees, stand-out ones, and to those that need a little boost. They can even be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely). While setting goals is proven to be a major factor in accomplishing them, many organizations fall short of achieving them because they are trying to do too many things at once. Continue reading Start 2021 in a 90-Day World