Welcome Back!

It’s been a rough past few months and though things are still not back to what we once knew as normal, we have begun to adapt in ways that many of us probably never even thought imaginable. (more…)

It’s Time to Rethink Professional Development

Managers and human resources departments across the nation are swamped as organizations and businesses are beginning to reopen in phases as we enter our new norm. Even though we are still very much in a crisis, we (slowly, but surely) must begin to move forward. (more…)

LFCC Workforce Solutions Talks Boot Camps, Transitions, and Fresh Starts on the Valley Today Radio Show

We pre-recorded the Valley Today radio show via Zoom with Guy Curtis from LFCC Workforce Solutions and his guest Christine Kriz from Lord Fairfax Small Business Development Center.

We talked about the partnership between the two organizations and how the services they both provide complement each other for businesses looking for resources for growth, learning opportunities for themselves and employees, as well as advice and guidance for closing a business and seeking a fresh start.


Understanding the Importance of Emotional Intelligence

The current state of the country involves a careful approach to be mindful of people’s feelings, situations, circumstances, beliefs, and overall well-being. Leaders–now more than ever–need to have a full understanding of emotional intelligence in order to appropriately and effectively support their staff during these difficult times. (more…)

Leading Through Crisis Webinar Replay

When faced with a crisis, leaders must be able to remain calm, while adapting to unfamiliar circumstances. They may find themselves under pressure to make decisions quickly with limited or rapidly changing information. In short, it can be overwhelming.


Adapting Through Communication

Adapting through leadershipAs we navigate through life in its current state, we must remain adaptable. Adaptability is a key trait in conquering the fear of the unknown and it is also a skill that is hard sought-after in leadership roles. Employers see this as a desirable skill because adaptable people are more communicative, more motivated, and less discouraged when faced with situations that require change. These leaders can assess environments and processes and then communicate, motivate, and lead their team to the best possible outcome for their situation. (more…)

We Are Still Here

Although we’re not in the office, we’re here remotely for you to answer questions and provide assistance as necessary: