Help Wanted?!?

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With today’s electronic job board filled world, one might say that the Help Wanted section in newspapers is becoming a thing of the past. Help Wanted Suppot LFCC Workforce SolutionsWe are lucky here in the Winchester-Shenandoah Valley area because our local papers are filled with job postings that are screaming for qualified candidates. If you are looking at today’s Winchester Star and are lacking the skills and qualifications to apply for a specific job, then Lord Fairfax Community College Workforce Solutions may have the Career Changer program or classes for you. Let’s go through the paper and see how LFCC Workforce Solutions can get you the career you are seeking. Continue reading Help Wanted?!?

Spring clean your job search!

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Spring is FINALLY here (pay no attention to the snow that is currently falling today)! And where there is spring, there are fresh starts, cleaning, re-organizing and re-focusing!  This winter was tough and long.  If you feel like you had a case of the Winter Blues and it affected your job search, then pay attention to these tips.  Hopefully you will find yourself ready for a new season and a new job!Spring Clean Your Job Search

REFOCUS – Reassess what you are looking for.  Start a tracking sheet of the companies and jobs you are applying to and make sure you are keeping notes on the feedback you are getting.

RECONNECT – Make sure you are joining network groups that could help you with your job search, and be sure those around you know you are still looking for work. If you are looking for a medical office position, make sure your doctor’s office knows you are looking and are qualified.  Talking with people and making new connections is a GREAT way to find employment.   Continue reading Spring clean your job search!

New Year…New you!

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It’s a new year and a new you! Now that the holidays are behind us, tis the season for new beginnings. If your goal is to gain employment, then start devoting each and every day to finding a job. Like the saying goes, ”It’s a full time job looking for a job.” Here are a few tips to get you started and keep you motivated:

  • Start each day as if you are getting up for work. The last thing you want to do is find yourself sleeping in and missing half of the day. Keep your mind and body trained and accustomed to the early mornings.
  • Once you are dressed, start your online job search. Jump on the job boards and begin your searches. Make sure you are hitting the top boards such as,, and Once you have cyber-searched, make sure you go back to the basics with the newspaper. The newspaper is a wealth of knowledge with current job openings. Typically, Saturday and Sunday papers have the most job openings ads.
  • Network! Let everyone you know at church, social groups and social media that you are looking. Carry resumes in your car just in case you run into someone who might be able to help you. Still in today’s time, who you know definitely helps you land that job!

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Interviewing Tips

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Interviewing Tips That Work

Interviewing is tough.  It can be stressful and downright terrifying for some. Being prepared will be the difference between you succeeding in your interviewing versus bombing!  The 7 tips below can help you gain the confidence you need while preparing you to knock your interview out of the park! 

Interview Tip 1: Plan Ahead – Do your homework! Research the company and the position if possible, as well, the people you will meet with at the interview. Review your work experiences. Be ready to support past career accomplishments with specific information targeted toward the company’s needs. Have your facts ready!

Interview Tip 2: Role Play – Once you have finished studying, begin role playing (rehearsing). Use the general questions provided below in the Interview Preparation Area. Write down answers if it helps to make your presentation more concise. Try to keep your answers to the information your new employer will want to know.

Interview Tip 3: Eye Contact– Maintain eye contact with your interviewer. Show you want the job with your interest.

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