An Increase to $5,000 in Training Reimbursement for Registered Apprentices

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The Shenandoah Valley Workforce Development Board (SVWDB) was awarded a $4 Million grant in October 2015 as part of the US Department of Labor’s American Apprenticeship Initiative designed to address the nation’s critical skill shortage through the expansion of registered apprenticeship programs.

Apprenticeship is a time-tested workforce development strategy that combines on-the-job training and 1:1 mentoring with theoretical instruction to learn the “why” and the “how” to perform a job.  Over 3,000 occupations have registered apprenticeship programs designed to meet the needs of employers.  Businesses that incorporate apprenticeship into their talent development strategy report increased employee engagement, reduced turnover, and returns on their investment as much as 40% to 50%[1].

Implementation Team and partners help expand registered apprenticeship programs in manufacturing occupations and help source funding opportunities to offset the cost. Once developed, the employer’s apprenticeship training program serves as a framework for the company to build their own skilled workforce in key occupations and pathways.  Companies that register their program with the state apprenticeship agency and participate in the V2V grant may receive up to $5,000[2] to offset apprentice instruction costs (Previously $2,650). Additional funding options may also be available from the state apprenticeship agency or local workforce development boards and can be coordinated by V2V staff.

grant funding also supports certain trainings at community colleges and technical centers designed to develop candidates who meet the entry-level manufacturing requirements of employers.  Through an application and assessment process, selected students participate in technical and soft skill training to increase their employability.  When hired and registered into the company’s apprenticeship program, much of this training may be credited toward the company’s program requirements, thereby reducing the time and cost of registered apprenticeship completion.

The Virginia Department of Labor and Industry, Division of Registered Apprenticeship (DOLI) is the state apprenticeship agency solely responsible for registering apprentices according to national standards. The state apprenticeship agency, V2V grant staff, training providers, local workforce development boards, vocational rehabilitation centers, and other workforce partners collaborate to support the growth of registered apprenticeship throughout Virginia.

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How to Begin?

Contact staff, your local DOLI apprenticeship consultant, or your local workforce development board.  Technical support is available to help create an apprenticeship program, add an occupation to an existing program, find options for related instruction, and to source funding to support your apprenticeship program.

What is the enrollment process? 

Once the company’s apprenticeship program is approved by DOLI, the business may apply for grant funding to support the related instruction of its new apprentices, including in-house instruction.

  1. Business: Employer Agreement-first step. Provide work authorization (copy of I-9 form) for each apprentice; Application for Grant Funding signed (application is drafted by V2V staff)
  2. Apprentice: Supplemental Application (demographic information for grant reporting purposes)
  3. V2V Staff: Issue a COMMITMENT LETTER of grant funding for instruction beginning after date of letter
  4. Reimbursement: Company pays the training provider and submits copy of the Invoice and proof of payment for reimbursement according to the Commitment Letter.

For more information:


Debby Hopkins, Chief Workforce Officer & Project Director, (540) 442-7134 x105

Sean McCusty, Business Development Manager  (540) 442-7134 x117

Kevin Martin, Grant Program Coordinator (540) 442-7134 x106

Scott Carlson, Grant Coordinator – Lord Fairfax Community College, (540) 869-0793
Virginia state apprenticeship agency:

[1] The Benefits and Costs of Apprenticeship: A Business Perspective, November 2016, US Department of Commerce.

[2] 2018 Cap is $5000 per eligible apprentice. Reimbursement ranges from 50%-90% of the training cost based on size of the company.