Workforce Coaching

LFCC Workforce Solutions offers coaching towards workforce and professional development training programs, certificate and degree programs offered at the college. Career training opportunities include individual classes and programs to increase skill set and sharpen skills in a quest to start a career or a career change. Programs available include a series of fast-track career training that earn you industry-recognized credentials and skills for jobs in high-demand fields.

Programs are Developed for People Who Are:

  • Starting a career or new to the workforce
  • Unemployed
  • Employed at a job below their potential and looking for advancement
  • Individuals looking to make a career change or opportunity for promotion

We Can Provide Career Help With:

How Does It Work?

Many of these programs have grant sources that can help qualified individuals secure funds for training. Let our Workforce Coach help you get started.

  • Learn about Fast-Track Career Training Programs that can earn you a credential
  • Learn about occupations, earnings, and job demand for these programs
  • Determine if grant funding or financial assistance can help you pay for your program
  • Helpful staff will work with you to schedule intake assessments and applications

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Julia Bridgen
Julia Bridgen
Workforce Coach
Focus Areas:
Advising/Coaching on Workforce Training Programs