Administrative Assistant & Professional Bookkeeping with QuickBooks

Language: English Short Description: The bigger the company, the more they need well-trained Administrative Assistants. Those assistants with Bookkeeping skills and practice with QuickBooks are at the top of that demand. This perfect triad of skills is in demand all over the US providing an even greater pool of opportunities. The median income in 2016 … Continue reading Administrative Assistant & Professional Bookkeeping with QuickBooks

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Certified Administrative Assistant & Professional Bookkeeper

Language: English Short Description: This multimedia-rich program is for those of you who have been looking for bookkeeping certificate programs online. This program is ideal for people with no prior experience as an administrative assistant and want to make a successful career for themselves in the world of business. However, those of you who are … Continue reading Certified Administrative Assistant & Professional Bookkeeper

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Fast-Track Career Training Programs

Looking for an in-demand job? Looking to boost your skills to increase your employability? Looking for a fast training program to quickly start your career? Looking for a whole new career? Start, enhance or change your career today with one of our Fast-Track Career Training Programs. Whether you are graduating high school looking to start your … Continue reading Fast-Track Career Training Programs

Help Wanted?!?

With today’s electronic job board filled world, one might say that the Help Wanted section in newspapers is becoming a thing of the past. We are lucky here in the Winchester-Shenandoah Valley area because our local papers are filled with job postings that are screaming for qualified candidates. If you are looking at today’s Winchester … Continue reading Help Wanted?!?