Nonprofit Academy

LFCC Workforce Solutions is excited to offer the returning series of courses that have been designed by our area nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit staff, executive directors, and board members can benefit greatly from this unique program. Courses are available in Middletown and Warrenton, including our special series, Deeper Dive Into Successful Fundraising, taking place at Fauquier Hospital in Warrenton, Va.

Nonprofit Academy Winter-Spring 2016

HR & Leadership for Non-Profits

When you’re a non-profit, finding and retaining quality staff can be difficult. What are these challenges and how can non-profits overcome them to retain the best employees? Explore solutions for motivating staff on a tight budget, developing inexperienced staff, recruiting on a tight budget, HR law, and the best ways to retain your staff.
Jan 20 Wed 9 AM – 4 PM      MIDD   $129     Learn More/Register

Financial Management for Non-Profits

Get an overview of the financial environment for nonprofit organizations. Gain a solid understanding of financial reports, budget preparation, IRS reporting, and what impacts a nonprofit’s financial viability. Explore the accounting systems needed for nonprofits to comply with financial and regulatory standards, prevent and detect fraud, and properly manage the financial operations of the organization.
Feb 17 Wed 9 AM – 4 PM     MIDD    $129    Learn More/Register

Fundraising: Securing the Gift

Review and explore the basic principles of fundraising and marketing for nonprofits. Uncover and identify your organization’s internal and external constituencies. Examine basic fundraising techniques, master the resource development process, and analyze building a case for support. Learn the step-by-step process for planning and executing a fundraising program for your nonprofit organization.
Mar 16 Wed 9 AM – 4 PM      MIDD   $129    Learn More/Register


Recruiting, Retaining, and Managing Volunteers

Effectively managing volunteers is a key component of any nonprofit organization’s success. Uncover the essential skills to grow and manage a thriving volunteer program. Learn how to increase the number of volunteers in your organization, keep them motivated, and retain them. Discuss: developing recruitment strategies, recognizing and evaluating volunteers, building teamwork between volunteers and staff, and understanding critical legal and liability issues. Share your experiences and network with other participants.
May 18 Wed 9 AM – 4 PM      MIDD   $129    Learn More/Register

Strategic Planning for Non-Profits

Gain a clear understanding of the unique strategic planning process in the nonprofit organization, including how it guides direction, structure, and operations. Examine the importance of customizing the process to suit the nature and needs of the organization so that the plan is relevant, realistic, and flexible. Learn how to prepare for the strategic planning process, conduct external and internal analyses, and establish directing including mission, vision, values, goals, and strategies. Discover how to create an action plan (who will be doing what and when), determine resources needed, and finalize its development, communication, and implementation.
April 20 Wed 9 AM – 4 PM      MIDD   $129    Learn More/Register