LFCC Workforce Solutions is excited to offer the returning series of courses that have been designed by our area nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit staff, executive directors, and board members can benefit greatly from this unique program.LFCC_Workforce_Solutions_2015_Nonprofit_Academy

Fall Nonprofit Academy 2015 Courses

Earn a Certificate in Nonprofit Fundraising

Individuals who attend all three courses offered in the Nonprofit Fundraising Certificate series will be awarded a certificate in Nonprofit Fundraising from LFCC Workforce Solutions.

Bring Your Board Member for Free!

Register for any one Nonprofit Fundraising Certificate series classes and bring your board member for free. Register first and call with your board member’s registration information.

Fundraising: Current & Prospective Donor ResearchDeep Dive Into Successful Fundraising
This seminar explores the strategies and tools needed to create, analyze, use, and maintain a prospect list. Examines methods for qualifying and rating prospects, and for conducting research to enable planning and evaluation of specific aspects of a fundraising program.
September 23, 2015       Wed 8:30 AM – 12 PM      Middletown Campus     $49      Learn More/Register

Fundraising: Building & Sustaining Relationships
Once plans form, and structure of the fundraising program are in place, attention must be paid to establishing, building, and maintaining the relationships that are the core of effective fundraising. This module covers
the concepts of cultivation and stewardship
as well as the balancing act that nonprofit organizations must undertake. Both individual and organizational relationships are discussed.
October 21, 2015       Wed 8:30 AM – 12 PM      Middletown Campus     $49      Learn More/Register

Fundraising: Leadership & Management
This seminar covers fundraising from the perspective of the development officer and/
or CEO, touching on the various elements of strategic and operational planning, managing the fundraising process, staff management and development, and contracting outside services.
November 18, 2015       Wed 8:30 AM – 12 PM      Middletown Campus     $49      Learn More/Register




Building Your Development Campaign (9/25/15) APPROVED 4 PTS

Integrating Your Board Into the Development Plan (10/5/15) APPROVED 2 PTS

Donor Relationships & the Creation of Giving Clubs/Special Events (10/15/15) APPROVED 4 PTS

The Art of the Ask (11/5/15) APPROVED 4 PTS

Fundraising: Current & Prospective Donor Research (9/23/15) APPROVED 3.5 PTS

Fundraising: Building & Sustaining Relationships (10/21/15) APPROVED 3.5 PTS

Fundraising: Leadership & Management (11/18/15) APPROVED 3.5 PTS