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Teach Middle or High School, Math, Science, English, Social Studies, Foreign Language (preK-12), English as a Second Language (preK-12), Health & Physical Education (preK-12) or a Career and Technical Education subjects such as Business, Marketing, Technology Education or Family & Consumer Sciences. Requirements. include a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and 5 years full-time work experience. Endorsement areas subject to change.

  • Convenient, affordable, and flexible alternative licensure program approved by the Virginia Department of Education.
  • Informational webinars held monthly. Visit to register.

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  • September 20, 2017 – 12 PM – 1 PM
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Deadlines to Apply

November 10, 2017 – Spring, 2018 Course
May 16, 2018 – Fall, 2018 Course

Pay One-Third or Less on Tuition

The Career Switcher program is eligible for the Workforce Credential Grant (WCG). Eligible students will pay one-third the cost of tuition once they complete the program. Students needing additional assistance on the one-third of tuition may be eligible for additional financial assistance. Learn more about WCG >>>

Is EducateVA the right program for me?

This program is for the working adult who has access to a computer and the Internet. It requires the academic ability of graduate level study and writing.

The eligibility requirements include Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, content expertise in endorsement areas offered, GPA of 2.5 or better in content courses, at least five years of work experience, passing scores on the Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (VCLA) and Praxis II in the endorsement area. See more information on prerequisites for Career Switcher Program.

Endorsement areas include Middle School Mathematics (6-8)*, Middle School Science (6-8)*, Middle School English/ Lang. Arts (6-8)*, Mathematics (6-12)*, English (6-12), Biology (6-12)*, Chemistry (6-12)*, Earth Science (6-12)*, Physics (6-12)*, Foreign Languages (K-12)*, Health and Physical Education (preK-12)*, English as a Second Language (preK-12)*, or a Career and Technical Education* area such as Business and Information Technology, Marketing, Technology Education, or Family and Consumer Sciences.

*Denotes areas on the Virginia Department of Education list of Critical Shortage Areas for 2012-2013. Note: The ESOL endorsement is considered an “add-on” and must be paired with another endorsement area.

Cost: Please refer to for tuition rates and application fee. Books and other materials are estimated at $200-$400. There may be additional costs for any necessary course work in the content area, the VCLA and Praxis II tests, and test preparation materials. There is an additional $50.00 fee for the application for your Provisional Career Switcher License that is paid to the Virginia Department of Education.

The length of time: In Level I, the student spends one semester taking six modules via distance education, with 6 required Saturday meetings. Field Placement requires a minimum of 40 clock hours in a classroom at an area school. Upon being hired in a contracted teaching position in a Virginia pubic or accredited private school, the student enters Level II for one full academic year.  During this time, the student works with an assigned EducateVA mentor and attends periodic seminars. Upon completion of a successful year of teaching, the student is recommended by their school division for full 5-year licensure.

How well-prepared will I be for a teaching career?

The VCCS Career Switcher Program is a non-credit program approved by the Virginia Department of Education/Division of Teacher Education, Licensure, and Professional Practice. We use the same matrices /approved standards as all other approved teacher education programs in Virginia, but we use a different pathway to accomplish that instruction.

During your first year of teaching, you will possess a One-Year Provisional Career Switcher License, which distinguishes you from other teachers who may have received a provisional license from a school division while they pursued a traditional avenue for obtaining their Five-year Renewable License. Upon completing a successful year of teaching, your school division makes a recommendation for you to receive a full five-year professional renewable license.

You are considered “highly qualified” and will have completed all requirements for full licensure except student teaching. Instead, you get on-the-job training and support during your first year of teaching.

According to the program survey conducted by an outside source, The Marketing Source/Clarity OMS, in June of 2008, 97% said they were prepared for the classroom upon completion of this program. *Additionally, 77% were currently teaching and 83% said they could see themselves teaching in five years.

Since the pilot of the program in Spring 2004, EducateVA has licensed more than 1300 teachers throughout the Commonwealth.

How do I get started?

Examine your career goals and time.

Review the website thoroughly — look at the eligibility requirements, locations, cost, and schedule. Compare with other programs to see if our fast-paced interactive distance education program is the right path for you.

Contact your regional advisor or the program office at (804) 523-5671 if you have any questions about the program and your particular situation. See for regional advisor contact information.

Make sure you have completed the appropriate testing before you apply to the program.

Apply before the required deadline and submit the necessary paperwork at one time. If you have questions, contact the program office at (804) 523-5671.

Download the EducateVA Application Package

Teacher Career Switcher Contact at Lord Fairfax Community College

Contact Lori Killough at 540-868-7239 or